Job Board Marketing - How To Drive Interest To Your Website

By Tony Restell

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Whether you're running a job board or a recruitment agency business, knowing how to market them effectively is both critical and an ever-evolving challenge. That's why I was thrilled to welcome job board entrepreneur Keith Potts to lead a presentation on this topic, the full recording of which is shared below.

Job Board Marketing

Many in our industry will know Keith as the Founder of Jobsite, one of the world's most successful job board businesses. More recently he's built a job board technology platform that allows job boards, recruitment businesses and publishing companies to leverage best in class technologies to grow their own businesses (see: So he's one of the most highly regarded and well informed experts in this space and we're delighted to be able to share some of his knowledge with you.

Keith was joined by Lindsay Stanton of Digi-Me to tackle the role video has in marketing job ads more effectively; whilst I tackled the use of social media to attract client and candidate interest. This was in addition to the topics of Google SEO, landing page construction, website optimisation and A/B testing, jobs-by-email signup and a host of other highly relevant topics covered both during the presentation itself and the subsequent Q&A session. I'm sure you'll learn a lot from the recording below - and if you do, please do share with your contacts on social media using the sharing buttons provided. 

Job Board Marketing with Keith Potts

Thanks to both Keith and Lindsay for giving so freely of their time and insights. 


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