Mobile Technology for Busy Recruiters

By The Recruiting Division

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Recruiters today are dealing with a wave of technology that was never a part of the recruiting process before a few years ago. Remember Rolodexes, DayTimers, and desktop towers? Those are long gone, but in their place is a multitude of new online and mobile technology that promises to save time and money and produce fantastic results. When you are competing for qualified candidates in a today’s highly competitive recruiting environment, you need as many tools and techniques as possible to access and engage the candidates your company needs. 

Mobile-Friendly Recruiting Website
Everybody’s busy today and has to multi-task, and that includes job seekers. They are probably not sitting by a telephone waiting for your call, or looking for jobs on your company’s website. They are on their smart phones and tablets and other mobile devices while they are waiting for their appointments in the dentist office or at the airport waiting for their flight. They can’t easily access your company information unless it is mobile-friendly and includes information about who works for you, your work environment and company culture, company benefits, and how to apply.

Candidate-Friendly Facebook Page
Take your candidate searches viral with candidate-friendly Facebook pages where you post your openings for candidates to share with their networks and share positive candidate comments about their experiences with your recruiting process. Social media is where candidates share information about great places to work, open positions, and their experiences in job search. Create a positive image of your company and openings in social media to be where the candidates are and participate in their social media activities.

Online Interview Technology
Open up the interview process with online interview technology and give candidates a way to present their resumes, qualifications, and backgrounds quickly and easily with video interviews. Whether recorded or live, video interviews are a valuable addition to any recruiter’s or hiring manager’s recruiting process. They are much more engaging and interactive than typical phone screen interviews and save time and money as well. Leading solution providers include Zoom.US, Interviewstream, Spark Hire, and VidCruiter.

Online Feedback Tools
Free online tools like Survey Monkey enable busy HR departments, hiring managers, and recruiters gain valuable insight into their recruiting and interviewing processes. Asking candidates for their feedback on your process and their experience not only helps with continuous improvement, it demonstrates willingness to value candidates’ opinions about how you treat them. Asking for input after hiring helps improve employee satisfaction and retention.

Apps for Recruiting
Apps for recruiting provide the effective shortcuts overwhelmed hiring managers and recruiters need to stay on top of their recruiting tasks. The LinkedIn Recruiter mobile app lets recruiters with LinkedIn Recruiter seats quickly and easily access candidates they follow, messaging them, viewing profiles, and getting updates on their activity. Instajob turns iPhone photos of their company, business operations, and staff into compelling and engaging job ads to promote their career site and job openings. Talent XRay lets recruiters source candidates with Boolean search from their smartphones from anywhere rather than having to be at a desktop computer at work.

CIO Magazine has called mobile the next sea change for recruiting. iCIMS predicts that recruiting innovations will continue with new and disruptive technologies including employee engagement testing with neuroscience rather than time-consuming employee surveys, self-predictive analytics gleaned from public social networking, and multi-screen recruiting across any/all devices more fully integrating job search and recruiting processes.

iCIMS foresees trends moving towards more elegant and sophisticated staffing software, recruitment marketing rather than a supply chain task, and universal adoption of Big Data for HR and recruiting. If you are recruiting today, this is the landscape you are navigating, and you need the tools to do so successfully. Those tools are online and on your smartphone.


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