Recruiters - This is why you SHOULD be using Social Media for Recruiting

By Shen Levy

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Using social media for recruiting is no longer just a novelty. Social recruiting has become much more than just another buzzword in a long line of hot trends that have gone before. Social recruiting is now an essential part of any effective recruiting strategy.

Over 90% of recruiters use social media for recruiting - mainly for networking and talent acquisition, and almost 60% of employees state that their employer's social media presence was a factor in them choosing to work for that company.

Using Social Media For Recruiting

Here's why, if you're not already, you should be using social media for recruiting.

Extend your reach with hashtags 

Hashtags are an obvious place to start with social media for recruitingSimple but effective. Hashtags can be generic to job seekers, such as #jobsearch; a particular role, or a specific location - all in all, an easy way to reach a wider audience.

Promote your employer brand on Instagram

Of course, hashtags aren't just for Twitter, they are for Instagram too. And there's another particular reason why Instagram needs to be a part of any social media for recruiting strategy. It can be hard to get noticed on Facebook these days (without paying for it). Instagram has the highest user-engagement rate of any social platform

Being so image focused, Instagram is ideal for posting authentic photos of a brand, a product or your employees. Instagram is an excellent way to let people see a glimpse of what life is like working for an organisation.

Post video on social media for recruiting

Another way to promote an employer brand is to shoot video. This needn't be expensive and can be excellent as a way of showing authenticity and the human side of a brand.

Everybody knows that video gets the highest engagement rates and the latest trend to emerge with social media for recruiting is live video streaming. It is now possible to set up a live video stream from anywhere (on a smartphone) and give access to others for the stream. The opportunities for using Periscope and Facebook Live in recruiting are great. A live video stream of a workplace is the best possible way of showing an environment to a wide audience. From live tours to Q&As, video is becoming an important tool for social recruiters. Facebook and Instagram Stories are other key features that enable engaging content to be created and shared with minimal effort.

Employee advocacy

One of the most successful ways to use social media for recruiting is to get employees to share the culture of the organisation on social. It is employees that are the face of a brand. Employees are certainly best placed to share the company culture in an authentic way on social media. Social currency is extremely valuable when using social media for recruiting - and authenticity, transparency and honesty are its crucial aspects.

Employee advocacy takes a bit of time to embed. A social media policy needs to be created and support for staff needs to be available. This will help employees to feel comfortable and natural when talking about a brand. The effort is well worth it though as employees creatively promoting a brand is extremely powerful as a marketing/recruiting tool.

This is really only scratching the surface. There are many other reasons to use social media for recruiting. Check out our blog on 13 of the most creative recruitment campaigns

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