Recruiting With Social Media -- 35 LinkedIn, Twitter & Facebook Tips

By Tony Restell

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The thing I love about other people's tips is that you invariably uncover ideas you're not already implementing yourself. That's why I wanted to share this new infographic with our recruiter community. Whilst not agreeing with every single tip the Return On Digital team share here, the vast majority resonate as things I've seen successful social media recruiters incorporating into their social media strategies. 

I was certainly intrigued to see that tweets with links front-loaded in the tweet outperform others. One to experiment with in the recruiting space perhaps? Whilst the suggestion to seed your blog posts in LinkedIn groups is one I would suggest should be done sparingly. Certainly this can drive relevant candidate traffic for recruiters, but it's a fine line between being helpful and spammy in a LinkedIn group (and definitely avoid placing job advert links in the main discussion area of LinkedIn groups - that's what the "jobs" tab is there for in each group, but often I see desperate recruiters cluttering up the discussion boards with misplaced adverts).

How about you? Which of these tips resonate as things that have worked for you? What other ideas would you add to the mix? Please feel free to comment below... 

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Source: Return On Digital


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