Why Your Business Needs Marketing Automation

By Crystal Simmons

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Large and small businesses alike can benefit from using market automation. It allows businesses to streamline their marketing process, as well as allowing brands to meet more clients. It can further drive businesses into a successful place.

Marketing is the lifeline of all businesses. Without good marketing, your business is likely to crumble. If there ever is a place to invest money, your marketing strategies and tools is the place to invest. When done right, it can nearly be a guarantee of receiving that money back.

If you are on the fence about whether or not to invest in a marketing automation tool, here are some benefits to consider.

1. Marketing Automation Helps You Save Time

It could take you hours per day if you don’t have software to streamline the process. With this software, you can schedule campaigns and posts ahead of time. Marketing automation tools like GetResponse also allows you to automate responses for emails, send out birthday messages and GetResponse. You can even schedule out weeks of Facebook, or other social media websites, posts ahead of time.

Using these tools also reduces the time to make new campaigns. Before, it could take hours. Now, all you need to do is build the details and the software takes care of most of the details.

2. You Build Up Relations with Your Customers

Creating brand loyalty. With these tools, you can make sure you consistently post on social media and send them emails with sales and coupons. The emails don’t have to always be promotional. A great idea is to send out emails telling your clients about future plans and details about how your business began. Standing out in the crowd is important for businesses.

3. You Can Reach Out to Specific Customers

You may have customers who prefer certain brands. There are options to send emails to customers who have purchased certain items in the past. With this tool, you no longer have to do all of this manually; it automatically can segment your contacts.

Ideally, customers should only receive emails that are relevant to them. You don’t want to send emails to customers about baby products when they aren’t parents. Sending relevant emails to your customers increases your chance of a sale.

Targeting specific groups of customers is one of the best ways to have a successful marketing campaign.

4. You Can Get Detailed Reports from Marketing Automation

For example, GetResponse offers website traffic tracking. Tracking information about your customers can provide additional information you can use to further your business, such as the bounce rate of your website. The automated features also let you track what works for email marketing. It can tell you what time of day most of your customers open their emails. It can track how many people open their emails, and send out a reminder if they don’t.

And GetResponse also has shopping cart abandonment. Understanding how often customers are filling their cart but not purchasing allows you to further target them in the future. You can let them know when those items go on sale and hope to generate more revenue.

5. It Can Be Used by Anyone

If you are a brand new business owners, handling all of these details can seem daunting. You don’t have to understand coding or HTML to make your business and marketing campaigns successful. These companies have designed their software to be totally user friendly. They offer templates and designs. It doesn’t get much easier than that!

6. You Can Make Better Use of Your Staff

There is no reason to dedicate a large number of employees to marketing. Even if you are a huge company, using marketing automation tools can help you decrease the number of employees assigned to these tasks. For smaller business, a single employee can be in charge of handling all the details.

Another benefit when it comes to your staff is productivity. You are going to have a clear view of reports about your marketing. It will be clear who is not productive; they are going to get feedback quickly.

When their time is freed up, they have more time to be creative. Creativity is important for marketing. It also can lead to increased happiness of your staff, which makes them produce better work.

7. Marketing Automation Helps You Save Money

This gives you more money to spend elsewhere in your business. This is a huge factor for small businesses who have to diligently pay attention to their budget. You can reduce the staff who has to work on marketing, and this saves money in salaries. Making the most of your resources.

Also, marketing appropriately is going to generate your business more money. You will notice an increase in the deal sizes and frequent purchases from existing customers.

8. Customer Retention

If you want your business to grow, customer retention is an important factor. It is important to gain new customers, but making sure to retain existing customers is even more important. These customers will tell others about your business, which is the best marketing available. These tools can help decrease the cost of retaining your clientele.

These are just a few of the ways marketing automation can benefit your company. Spend some time researching the different companies to make sure you pick the one that works the best for you. GetResponse is a great value. Their packages range in prices from $15 per month up to $799 per month for large enterprises. It is a wonderful tool to use for marketing automation; your business will reap the benefits.

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