Should I Create a Video Resume?

By Simon Thompson

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When you are looking for a job and want to make a lasting impression, you want to use every tool you have available to you to improve your image. This can be done with a variety of methods, such as providing excellent references, providing good background information, and other means. But, one of the best ways to illustrate what you are about is often one of the most overlooked: video resumes. 


Traditional resumes on paper are still important but videos can create an impression that flat paper and ink cannot do. We are not suggesting that you use videos exclusively. The paper/ink resume is still an important part of your resume. But by incorporating video within your resume, you will make what you have written on paper more believable and credible. A good video resume should include the following things:

Introduction of yourself
Talk about your skills and education
Address why you want to work for the company
Talk about previous work experiences
Give contact information

By including all of these things, you will create a type of video resume that will make your paper resume come alive, build your credibility with potential employers, state your purpose, and address why former employers liked your work. In essence, it will allow you to communicate directly with employers as though you were there in person and make them feel you are being more direct in your approach.


Businesses know the importance of using video today in their ad strategies and the same principle applies to video resumes. The number one reason shoppers convert to sales online today is due to videos which they view during the process of searching for information. The same is true of your job search. Also, remember that, once your video is created, you will be able to upload this to You Tube, where there are over 500 million views and searches per month! This widens your market greatly. You don't have to just create the video and send it to specific employers. If marketed correctly, you can use specific You Tube key words and search terms to significantly increase your potential for employment through this avenue. Video is powerful, no matter what message you are trying to get across and this applies to online resumes as well.


Another reason it is advisable to use video as a resume addition is that it emulates the interview process. Employers get to see you face-to-face, rather than just reading your resume on paper so it increasing the reality of it. Additionally, having a video resume allows you to also film some of the activities you have been involved in on your previous jobs, which gives employers a look at what you did first-hand, if this is available. There are endless possibilities in how you can do the video resume, and this is entirely up to you. 


If you are in a quandary as to what type of video resume to do, consider what message you want to convey and how you want to portray yourself. If you feel that just talking about your background and speaking directly is enough, you can do a talking head video. If adding examples from previous work experiences would add to this, this would be a good add-on. One way you could capture your work is to scan copies of some of the work you have done, if you do not have video footage of your work day from previous jobs. The point is to capture the essence of what you did, and communicate that you did an efficient job. Interviews are another way you can do this. If you can go back to your former employer and ask them to make a brief statement about you, (as long as it is favorable), this would be an excellent way to communicate with a new potential employer about your capabilities.


If you produce a "talking head" type video in which you are talking directly to an employer, you can probably just film and produce it yourself. However, if you put a little more into it, you may get better results. Video editing software allows you to create a more professional product and create a better presence for yourself. In addition, you can easily add information to the video with titles and other effects if you use video editing software, as opposing to just using the raw footage.


If you don't want to worry about figuring out how to do it yourself, hire it done. It's always best to get a professional and to get the tools you need to do this right. 

Visit Video Recruit to find out how we can help you create your video resume and get it ready for distribution to potential employers.'s software allows you to set up your own video resume easily using the tools we already have. No need to worry about doing it yourself with our software.


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