Should We Pick Up The Phone Or Tweet?

By Adrian Snood

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I really don’t need to remind you how recruiting technology has changed the way we manage our day-to-day work.

It wasn’t that long ago, before the advent of recruiting websites, online forums and the huge rise in social media usage that if you were searching for new job opportunities you would either scan all the National & local newspapers for job adverts or drive to your local recruitment agency and register for suitable positions that were available.

The point is that conversations ruled. Whether sitting down with a client for a meeting or having a conversation on the telephone, the simple ‘chat’ was the most important element of the communication process in the candidate experience. This was the key to creating a relationship between your agency and your applicants.

Don't 'Hide' Behind Your Keyboard!

Sadly the traditional conversation is fading and has now turned digital, be it an email, a status update or a Tweet. We now ‘hide’ behind a keyboard and a computer for our relationships. Technology and social media has the ability to increase our horizons and encourage interaction across digital networks, but it has limitations. An email or Tweet is brilliant for mass communication, but to add personality to your business pick up the phone and connect with your candidates.  Recruitment agencies are a ‘people’ business and a personal relationship is worth so much more than a friendly Tweet.

Many of us have now become social media fans, but it can become addictive and ultimately distracting from the process of actually doing what we love best: Networking with people! Communication is our goal in providing the right service for our clients and is the most valuable part of what we do. If we want to practice what we preach, then we need to humanise our business and not be a faceless logo on a social media network..

Focus on Forging Genuine Relationships

Genuine relationships with people is what made us do what we do. Having technology around us shouldn’t change our original mission in being a people business. So don’t just rely on sending emails or chatting on Twitter and call your clients. Chances are you will find a lot more information about them than sending emails back and forth. The irony is that many businesses now rely on their online presence so much that they may be missing opportunities by people who don’t ‘get’ technology. So guess what? We are back to that item sat on your desk: The telephone.

Technology and social media are like many things in life that should be best used in moderation. Of course our online channels are increasingly valuable for making new connections, but we still need to nurture our relationships the traditional way and not hide away behind our digital networks. Ultimately we should keep focusing on providing a personal service with a personal touch.

Image credit: Shawn Campbell


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