Video Marketing Trends in 2017

By Nate Vickery

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“A minute of video is worth 1.8 million words” says James McQuiey, a principal analyst at Forrester Research. It’s easy to understand the potential of video as a medium and in 2017 this format will definitely dominate. Here are some stats that will additionally fortify video as an absolute must in marketing:

Here are some of the hottest video marketing trends for 2017.

Video Content Marketing

Marketing heavily relies on delivering valuable, useful and relevant content, as that’s one of the most important methods of capturing (and keeping) customers’ attention. However, content marketing needs a bit of polishing and readjustment in order to retain its original power by combining it with video technology.

This mix of different mediums is extremely popular, as users now expect to view product descriptions rather than read it. Video testimonials, how-to videos, sales letters, or case study videos are inevitable for brand building and every business that wants to be at the top of its game has to take full advantage of video content marketing.

The Sound of Silence

Surveys say that as much as 85% of videos are played without sound, mainly because of the fact that people watch videos on their mobile devices. So, it would be a bit awkward to wait at the dentist’s or commute to work on the subway and watch unmuted videos.

That’s why videos that can convey a message without audio are going to be big this year, so finding the right mode for creating ads that work even when the sound is off is pretty challenging.  Captions and on-screen graphics can be used for optimum results.

VR is the New PR

Virtual reality is in a way breaking down the fourth wall and dragging spectators into the video by providing them with a third dimension.  This groundbreaking technology will completely transform both video as a medium and marketing itself. Including viewers and making them participate in the action holds a tremendous potential when it comes to storytelling.

As the prices of 3D headsets and other gear drops, it’s expected that many people will be able to enjoy this kind of visual experience. Presenting your products, company, and services by enabling a virtual 3D tour can be a revolutionary tool for any business.

Showing your customers Paris in spring or what it’s like to drive your new sports car is something that VR or augmented reality will make possible. Some companies have already begun replacing photos and regular videos with 360-degree video demonstrations.  

The Year of the Live Feed

Every respectable social media platform these days features live video. YouTube reports show that in 2016 the popularity of their live videos went up by 80%. Facebook has recently launched 360-degree live video functionality. This means that all companies that want to be a step (or two) ahead of the competition will have to go live.

The success of this kind of video lies in the fact that the audience wants to feel part of the action and be involved, which leads to creating and strengthening a bond with a brand. Live and streaming videos allow viewers to establish an interactive connection with celebrities and brands they endorse.

Ne Plus Ultra

New technologies are being developed even as we speak, and ultra HD technology, including 4K or 8K devices, is something that will soon become common. There are even cell phones that can shoot videos in 4K, which means that marketers can create videos of astonishing quality.

Of course, stunning visuals have to be paired with adequately superb video content. All marketers can take a page from Alexander Thomas Media as their video marketing is a perfect marriage of visual quality and excellent content. Adding animations, text, or voice-overs will add a completely new dimension to all types of ads and commercials. Various techniques can be employed in order to produce videos that will appeal to different target audience types.

The bottom line here is that improving a company’s bottom line in 2017 won’t be possible without using video marketing.

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