Social Media And Recruitment

By Hubert Dwight

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Finding a new employee for your business can be a potentially difficult and drawn-out process for any company. Choosing the right candidate – or even, ultimately the perfect candidate – can be something that many companies work long and hard at, and perfecting the process is something that we all strive for. There are ways to make sure that before you’ve even posted an ad for a new employee, that you’re in a great position to recruit, but what is it that works to ensure that your company attracts the right people? The answer is all in your brand, and how you present yourself to the world.


What we mean by this is that when you’re looking for a new candidate you need to make sure that everything about your company is on-point in terms of what you stand for and how you come across. A huge component of how you present yourself to the world is presented through social media, as it is fast becoming the front line for many companies, so it is something that is seen first by potential candidates.

If your social media communication is geared to best present your company’s ethos, you’ll find that people will have a great idea about what it is that you stand for, and this will act as an important tool for funnelling potential employees. As an example of this in practice, a company that’s always tweeting updates from the Sea Shepherd or spruiking their new composting bin in the office is potentially going to attract people with a similar environmentally friendly ethos for any positions within the company. While someone’s position on recycling may not make them the perfect candidate for the role as your new UX designer, there’s every chance that you’ll get a Greens Voter and the most awesome UX designer the world has ever seen. 


If there is something that is important to you as a business, make sure that you’re sharing it on your social channels as a way of identifying what it is that makes you, you.

Also, when you’re looking for a new employee you need to think about all of the different potential components of their personality that are going to be integral to their success within your company. Recruiting can often be a long and drawn out process, so anything that you can do prior to the interviewing process will be an important component of making this as easy as possible.


It’s important for you as an employer as well that you really understand what it is that you want from the vacant role before you even start interviewing people. Do you want someone who has a university degree, or is someone with a couple of TAFE Courses under their belt ok? In doing so, you vastly reduce the possibility that you might hire someone who has a false or incomplete idea about the role and its responsibilities.

Another great way that you can use social media is to advertise any possible open positions – as you’ll find (particularly with a younger audience) that social media is just as accessible (perhaps even more so) than something like a traditional job seeking platform. In addition to this, the ability to share and involve others in the job advertising process is vastly easier, which means that your job posting has the potential to be seen by people who it ordinarily may not have even laid eyes on it.  


As companies enter and become fully immersed in this digital age it becomes more and more important that they embrace the vast array of social and digital strategies available to them for sharing information, for managing their fans and customers, and for communicating. A well-thought out social media strategy that incorporates brand and style across the board will result in a cohesive and strong message that remains consistent across all platforms. If you don’t have a marketing department in house, consider outsourcing some of this to a professional for some help in setting up the best possible strategy for your business.

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