Social Recruiting with ANN INC. & Chipotle: Webinar in Review


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After a brief kick-off from JWT INSIDE’s Director of Business Development Ian Kaplan and an introduction of what social recruiting is and why brands should use it from Search Engine Analyst +Emily Fearnley, this INSIDE Insights  webinar dove right in to an overview of what ANN INC. and Chipotle are doing on social media as part of their recruitment strategies. While there were a lot of great social recruiting topics discussed on this webinar between both brands, here’s a review of some of the “How to Get Started” questions that were addressed on the webinar: 

Social Recruiting w/ ANN INC. and Chipotle Webinar PresentersIan Kaplan (IK): When you look at your approach, was it difficult to get started, were there key stakeholders that you needed to influence or convince - generally, how did you get started with your social recruiting efforts? 

JD Cummings (JC), National Recruiting Consultant at Chipotle: [HR and Marketing may not always have the best relationships] So my first goal was to develop a strong relationship with our marketing department. One thing I feel that’s really important, especially when going into the social recruiting space, is to make sure your marketing team knows you care as much about the brand just as much, if not more, than they do. I think when your marketing folks recognize that you care and that you want everything to represent the consumer brand just as well as you’re representing the employer brand, there’s a lot more trust developed. In addition, something that I think really helped our departmental stakeholders (Director of HR, National Staffing Manager, etc.) “sell” this to the executive leadership team was the fact that we titled our efforts “Recruitment Communications.” Sometimes when proposals or job titles include “Social Media,” those in a company who may not consumer social as much as others (especially when that includes your executives) tend to shy away from it. Calling this “Recruitment Communications” allowed us to mix social media in with other channels like email marketing and other communications strategies, which I think really helped us in our presentation and in getting approvals to do what we’re doing today.  

Chrissy Lourenco (CL), Sr. Director of Talent Strategy & Digital at ANN INC.: I think for ANN INC., it was really finding those key partnerships internally – legal, marketing, executive sponsorship, corporate communications, corporate social responsibility, charitable initiatives, HR partners. Setting individual meetings, sharing our plans, and finding out how we could leverage their knowledge and partnerships to allow us to set ourselves up for success in a way that can be supported by all departments since they are the experts in their areas. We worked together to setup guidelines and to make sure they are partners in sharing our story the right way - that's how we got started, as well. 
IK: Great, and I love the connection between HR and Marketing. I think we are seeing HR and Marketing teams coming together a lot more frequently to determine how both teams can help each other. Marketing departments tend to have a lot of people – how many people do you have on your social media team to build your employer and recruitment story? 

CL: Well, it’s myself (laughs), and then I have a person who works with me who’s our community manager. I do more of the strategic side of things whereas she’s more involved with the daily management, editorial calendar upkeep and content writing and posting. We are both involved in the internal partnerships to bring the story to life.

JC: Yeah, Jen and I are the primary stakeholders, but we do our best to leverage our field recruiters and HR partners, as well as our entry-level employees and managers. One of the big pushes we’ve started this year includes presentations at smaller regional meetings in different cities and markets to have field recruiters talk about how our employees should like our content and social pages so they can see relevant content and easily share to others (possibly even leading to a referral bonus if they get someone hired at Chipotle!), now that we have all of these social sites out there. That social sharing piece of it, beyond the content that we are putting out ourselves, is key for us. If we can leverage the 45,000 employees that we have today across the globe and have them sharing content with their networks, it's extremely powerful, and that’s organic traffic that we don’t have to boost or pay for. 

Want to learn more about these two amazing brands? Watch the recording for the full webinar which goes over more information about How to Get Started, How to Develop a Strategy, How to Implement & Activate, How to Measure, and How to Stay Ahead of the Trends. 

Get access to the video recording of the full webinar and the presentation materials on SlideShare here.


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