Social Recruitment Strategies to Learn From: T-Mobile

By Lindsay Shoemake, JWT INSIDE Account Coordinator

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Hailed as one of the top cellular companies, T-Mobile’s social recruitment strategy is just as innovative as its forward-thinking reputation. T-Mobile’s social strategy is not only unique in that it is highly interactive and consistent across all channels, but it is also expertly branded and very visual. Read on to learn more about the great tactics that T-Mobile is using to draw the best talent into the company.

T-Mobile’s career site places social media at the forefront.
As soon as visitors hit T-Mobile’s career site, they are greeted with powerful messaging and on-brand images that are representative of the mobile carrier. Additionally, social media-centric messaging is also strategically placed on the homepage, specifically pushing T-Mobile’s #BeMagenta campaign.

T-Mobile Career Site 
The brand’s career site affords visitors nationwide opportunities in retail, customer service, sales, technology and more. To make the user experience easier, jobs are segmented by category, function, experience level and location.

Twitter supplies knowledge and T-Mobile opportunities.
Rather than serving as a steady stream of 140-character job opportunities, @TMobile_Careers, is a wonderful resource for career advancement tools, employee testimonials, technology news and job openings. With one scroll through @TMobile_Careers’ Twitter feed, users will see that the social media platform is a friendly, engaging and useful tool. T-Mobile Careers Tweet
The account also frequently references “Team Magenta” and uses its #TeamMagenta hashtag, which is how T-Mobile refers to its employees. By giving an identifiable label to the brand’s workforce on social media, T-Mobile has positioned its employees a cut above the rest.
T-Mobile Careers Tweet

Facebook follows suit with clever branding. T-Mobile Careers Facebook
Much like the brand’s career site, T-Mobile Careers’ Facebook page features consisting branding that targets qualified job candidates. The page leverages handy Facebook page features like its app section to lead users into “Discover T-Mobile,” “Networking” and “Global Jobs” portals to further educate users on what it’s like to be a part of the company. In addition, the page’s timeline feed mirrors that of Twitter’s – it shares the same great, visual information in real-time.

LinkedIn encourages job seekers to stand out. It goes without saying that T-Mobile has never been a brand concerned with blending in – from their bright magenta branding to their innovative mobile features, the company keeps being unique and progressive at the forefront. T-Mobile’s LinkedIn page does a great job of this by featuring a branded header that entices job seekers to learn more about the brand. The page also features a corporate employee testimonial video on its landing page, lending visitors insight into a day in the life at the brand’s corporate offices. T-Mobile Linked-In
Additionally, the page lists a hefty number of current open opportunities within the company, making job searching entirely accessible and only one click away for users.

To keep up with all of T-Mobile’s latest social recruitment tactics, follow the brand on the below channels:
- Career site
- Twitter
- Facebook
- LinkedIn  

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