#SocialRecruiting Series: #SocialMedia vs. Social Communication

By Philip J.W. Smith

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In the red corner stands the poster-child for popularity itself - Social Media Man! He’s robust; has diverse online talent; is known for having a viral effect on the general public; and let’s not forget to mention how all the teenagers love him!

His opponent?!

Ladies and gentlemen, I draw your attention now to the blue corner where awaiting his moment in cyberspace victory is none other than Social Communication Guy! He can tweet, like, post, share, comment, connect, stumble, pin, and follow all while still performing his day job. He’s connected at every moment to everyone and everything.

Where are you placing your bets?!

As we continue our blog series on social recruiting, we must first acknowledge the somewhat unspoken ultimate cyber war between social media and social communication, and the affects this battle has on one’s ability to effectively engage in online social platforms.

Consider the following.

When you examine the definitions of ‘media’ and ‘communication’, one can immediately begin to see how vastly different it is to utilize social media versus engage in social communication.

Media is defined as “the means of mass communication (esp. television, radio, newspapers, and the Internet) regarded collectively.” The concept of media is to push out a mass message to a specific audience without the expectation of interaction with said audience, thus implying a sense of one-sidedness.

With this in mind, it would seem that the term ‘social media’ is amusingly contradictory!

On the other hand, communication is defined as “the imparting or exchanging of information or news.” Thus, social communication inherently demands interaction, reaction, and socializing between two engaged parties.

In the realm of social recruiting, the Social Communication Guy will always come out on top because his interactive online presence, both from a personal and professional perspective, will prove he can:

  • Network with other professionals
  • Collaborate with colleagues
  • Promote events and opportunities
  • Generate and inspire creative ideas
  • Be open to various schools of thought in chosen career sector
  • Professionally participate in self-promotion

Start to take-on the characteristics of Social Communication Guy in your own approach to social media as we continue our social recruiting series in future weeks by examining various popular online social platforms that can propel you into the job of your dreams. 

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