Squirrel Bait - Tips for Recruiting the Unrecruitable

By Jackye Clayton

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Think Purple Squirrels don't exist? Tell that to the couple in Pennsylvania who caught a purple squirrel   (For Real!) Yes, they caught a purple squirrel. So they exist. Funny thing is, this couple wasn't looking for a purple squirrel, it just showed up in their back yard. At pursuitology, we LOVE pursuing purple squirrels. Especially since we know with a little squirrel bait, you can catch them just like any normal squirrel! 

Do you have any "Purple Squirrels" in your back yard? Are you searching for a candidate that might already work for your company?  I bet you don't know. When a new role is created in an organization, the wheels of talent recruitment and acquisition start spinning. it’s critical that the competencies of the position be clarified, and the sooner the interviewing process starts, the more quickly you’ll find the right person for the job.

Stop for a moment, and back up. What if the right person for the job is already under your company’s roof, embedded in its culture, and invested in its success? Here are a few tips to help you start a proper internal recruiting program:

1) Create a sexy and clear internal recruitment program.
2) Keep undated employee resumes on file
3) Reward Managers whose team members get internal positions
4) Educate Executives on why an internal plan is so important.

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