Take Social Recruiting to a Higher Level With These Recruitment Marketing Methods

By Cheryl Morgan

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Social recruiting
You can connect with many people at once with each social recruiting post.

The power of social recruiting is undeniable, with 90 percent of employers now using it as part of their hiring strategies. What's now on the mind of many human resources managers is how to make the most of this powerful recruiting tool. Fortunately, you can do just that with these recruitment marketing methods that can take your social recruiting to a higher level.


Strengthen Your Company Brand Online

Employer brand is important in attracting top talent, so it's essential that you strengthen your company's brand through your social media presence. This can be accomplished in several ways, including reiterating the most compelling attributes of your company when discussing it and adding images to posts that convey the feelings that your company aims to inspire.

Also, have a specific voice that should be reflected across all your social media pages. This can be from one person who is trained and dedicated to being the social media manager, or you can establish certain rules to carry on the same "voice" from all those who are posting. This may include using certain phrases, a specific upbeat attitude, or perhaps always expressing cheer or compassion. It should simply be a voice that serves your target audience well and best represents your brand.

You should also look to encourage your employees to share why they like working at your organisation, as this will not only help you reach a wider audience but will also come across as more trustworthy and genuine as it's not just from the company social accounts.

You may attract top talent through establishing a positive brand online.

Go Where Your Ideal Candidate Is

It's not enough to simply start social media pages. You need to create those that will be seen and visited by the core audience that you hope to attract. If you want to communicate with a younger crowd, you may want to create an Instagram page and start posting appealing images each week. If you're recruiting older adults, Facebook and LinkedIn are your best bets for social media sites that established professionals are likely to check.

Being very clear on who your target audience is from the outset is crucial in being successful as it will determine not only which social channels you use but what content you post. You need to make sure that your posts are interesting and valuable to this group.


Be Authentic

Candidates are much more likely to develop an interest in a company that appears to be transparent as well as authentic in the social media posts that are made. If your company makes a mistake, own up to it. It's also okay to make fun of yourself. In fact, it shows confidence and strength. So don't shy away from the occasional tongue-in-cheek posts, even if they're self-deprecating. This will also help you stand out in the crowd because most companies are not willing to take this step.

Produce and Share Fantastic Content

If your company isn't already creating high quality blog posts, it needs to do so. This is important in order to capture the interest of followers and also bring a steady stream of traffic to your website. When a post has been made, you should share it on social media. You may even share it with an open-ended question that ultimately asks for comments on the post or the blog itself. That's an easy way to quickly increase interaction on your page.

Don't limit yourself to content just about your company as this can seem self-serving. Talk about stuff that is relevant to your industry, or to the roles that you're looking to recruit for. You could talk about interesting events that are coming up or that you've recently attended. It's great to showcase employees too, as that shows the value you place on them and can also help potential recruits get a feel for the type of people who work there. This can include posts on what different employees do in the company but can also celebrate things like significant work anniversaries, awards they've won, articles they've had published/interviews they've been involved in or great achievements outside of work e.g. raising money for charity.

As you try out new recruitment marketing methods, remember the importance of increasing your company's brand throughout the process. As long as you're authentic and straightforward in your posts, you should feel free to take risks and discover strategies that lead to the best results. Book a review of you social media presence to learn about additional ways that you can perfect your social recruiting methods.


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