Talent Attraction: Use Social Media to Demonstrate Corporate Culture


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Attracting the top talent within your industry is not something that can be done at the drop of a dime. In fact, it takes a lot of time and effort to bring in some of the best candidates available for your open jobs. One highly successful method is using social media to attract top talent. This is done by exhibiting the company’s culture on the social media pages it operates.   

Let’s look at this concept a little closer and how you can leverage your social networks to demonstrate your corporate culture.

Perform a Corporate Culture Social Media Audit

One of the first steps to attracting talent using social media is to perform an audit of your corporate culture on social media. Companies think that they understand their brands and how they reach customers and potential employees. You need to monitor all the social media sites where your company has pages and discussion forums such as Glassdoor and Quora. On these sites you will be able to monitor what is being said by your employees and candidates about your company and its culture.

Use the ‘New Water Cooler’

The second step to attracting talent using social media is to tap into the ‘new water cooler.’ Social media has taken over the world, so much that employees no longer have to hang around the water cooler to discuss their likes and dislikes of their employer. Now, they can use Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn to discuss these issues.

Your company needs to use the ‘new water cooler’ to open a discussion about your company and its culture. Whether this forum is private, only for current employees and current candidates, or it is open to the public, it needs to exhibit the culture of your company.

Let Your Employees Sell Your Company

Without spamming candidates, you need to let your employees sell your company to top talent. Even though many companies prohibit the use of social networking sites during the workday, the ones that permit it seem to have a strong brand and following online.

Employees who are brand ambassadors are the best assets of a company, especially when they like to post online about the company and its culture. Let your employees express their love of the company and all it has to offer. This comes across as genuine to candidates and not forced if the upper-management was to do it themselves.

Management Needs to Set the Tone

If you want to demonstrate your company’s culture using social media, your management team needs to set the tone. If you want employees posting on social media sites about your company’s culture, make sure your management team is also doing this. Everyone needs to be on the same page in this project for it to work effectively. Candidates do not want to hear from the same employees in the same department. They want to learn about different experiences at all levels of the organization.

Use the above tips to get the most from your social networks and show off your corporate culture to attract the best talent. 

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