The Art of Increasing Your Recruitment Productivity

By Irina Nagy

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Managing recruitment in an effective manner is one of the most efficient ways to improve a business.  Hiring is a difficult and time consuming task so, inefficient resourcing and bad selection leads to massive turnover and loss in productivity. A lengthy and complicated recruitment process can affect clients, candidates and recruiters as well. Therefore, it’s extremely important to simplify and streamline by ensuring a smooth application of the process.

The first step in improving your hiring process is to ask yourself a few questions. How do you feel about the way you are currently recruiting? Do you struggle with multitasking like sourcing, screening, emailing, shortlisting, telephoning and interviewing? Would you like to improve your hiring effectiveness? If your answer is yes then you should:

Prioritise your tasks before you begin recruiting

In order to get great at recruitment, you have to be able to understand and identify the most important tasks and to make sure that you are not just active but also productive. As a recruiter you probably have many project deadlines to meet so you’ll have to be a smart worker to achieve the desired results. Go over what you have to do at the beginning of each day and keep yourself aware of all due dates and deadlines. Task prioritization is an art, therefore it’s imperative to develop it if you wish to become a productive recruiter.

Consider your timing

Ideally you want to be recruiting when candidates are available and indeed ensuring that you always have a full database and talent pools from which you can target your next recruits. Your competition is actively looking to hire the same people as you are, so you have to be one step ahead. For example, traditionally, the first three weeks of January everyone is gearing up to hire.  So if you want to attract the best candidate pool and make job offers before your competition, start preparing in December and begin recruiting right after New Year so that you are ahead of the pack.


Putting a preferred supplier list together can have some excellent benefits for your recruitment. It can save you money and sometimes recruiters can gain a good understanding of how your organisation works and the type of employees that will fit your culture. BUT sometimes those great candidates don’t sit with your PSL – so be open.


Easily centralise all your recruitment activities with an innovative Applicant Tracking System. As an innovator in the recruitment technology space, an ATS will deliver solutions and advancements to help you source and recruit the best talent to grow your business and easily achieve productivity. 

Can you think of other tips to increase your recruitment productivity? Share and discuss below.

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