The Ultimate Guide To Hiring Top Performing Talent ( 5 Proven Steps)


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For any business to succeed, they need to hire the best of the best talent to join their teams or risk losing them to their competition. 

As older generations exit the workplace and go off into retirement, taking their years of experience and knowledge with them, it has become necessary for many organizations to intensify their search for top-performing talents to boss the productivity and performance of their organizations.

Top-performing talent drives the success of your company as they are known to deliver up to 400% more results than other average and low-performing talent and what business wouldn’t want to benefit from that? 

With several high performers on your teams, tasks will be executed more efficiently as they are dedicated, motivated, passionate and able to think strategically on their own. 

So, how can companies ensure that they hire and retain top-performing talent in their field in a world where these valuable resources are limited? 

Well, we’ve put together the ultimate guide to hiring top-performing talent with 5 steps that are proven to work.

  1.   Be a top-performing company 

The first step to ensuring you hire top-performing talent is to ensure that the source they come from is top-notch as well. Hiring talent is never easy, especially during the stage of the recruitment process where you have to identify them out of the sea of candidates that apply. 

Most of the time when you put out a job offer, thousands of qualified and unqualified people will send in applications. You must then sift through a sea of “qualified” applications to filter out those that could be top performers among them. 

A great way to narrow down your search is by being a top-performing organization yourself. 

Top-performing talent would desire to work in a top-performing business because they know they will have opportunities to grow and better themselves and associate with others go-getters as well. 

This way when your company is hiring, you can be assured that a high percentage of people who send in their applications will be highly motivated individuals who share the same work ethic you do. 

  1.   Focus more on skills instead of experience 

Experience is undoubtedly a big bonus when hiring competent employees. 

People who have been in the game for some time will be able to handle most business processes and operations in their sleep, however, they could also have fulfilled most of their career aspirations, so, they now lack the motivation to accomplish more milestones. 


This should not be your only yardstick for measuring excellence. 

A lot of top performers are fresh-faced undiscovered talent with not many years of experience under their belt or lots of companies gracing their resumes, however, this makes them eager to learn, passionate and motivated to work with you and realize your company’s goals. 

A good way to spot such talents is by testing them and giving them real-life tasks to accomplish or business problems to solve and watching how they handle the situation. 

  1.   Use technology to your advantage 

Thanks to advancements in technology, we can now use computers to help with the hiring process. There are hiring algorithms and online tests available that filter and screen applicants according to predetermined traits. 

Not only does this save you time and energy that would have been spent on in-person interviews, but it also greatly boosts your company’s chances of acquiring top-performing talent.

These algorithms also crawl through job sites like LinkedIn and alert your systems when top talent from your company is actively searching for jobs so you can arrest the situation, find out why they are dissatisfied and take steps to fix it and you can retain your talent. 

Leveraging technology to acquire top talent is a sign that an organization is ready to step into the future and actively compete in the “war for talent”

  1.   Draw them in with magnetic offers 

Hiring top talent and retaining them takes a lot more than identifying and recruiting them. You need to offer these talents an attractive Employee Value Proposition (EVP) that is, the benefits they get for their performance and output. 

This includes tangible rewards like the substance of work, the experience of working with you and the way management helps and develops its talents. 

If what you offer your talents is much better than what other companies in the same industry do, then you will be able to effortlessly attract and retain them, sometimes these talents will seek you out and come to you! 

All this ensures that you have a distinctive EVP that is different from what most other companies offer (in a good way) while also incorporating some of their best benefits. 

Your EVP should also be targeted at the people who actually put in the work and deliver results and it should also be real, not based on promises alone but visible and easy to verify by prospective top-performing talent you wish to hire. 

  1.   Be transparent 

These days, there’s nothing that cannot be verified at the click of a button. Ensure that the promises you make to prospective hires are genuine and verifiable by current employees and the public. 

For one, social media is a powerful tool where talents can investigate your company culture, leadership styles, benefits packages and any other information about working conditions they wish to know. 


If you are going to use attractive packages to get top performing talent to work for you, ensure that it does not come back to bite you when they come on board, discover your company does not measure up and become disillusioned. 

They will begin to look for other companies who are more honest about their policies who may be a better fit for them. They’ll end up jumping ship and leaving you back where you started. 


The right talent can be among the strongest driving forces of your organization and greatly improves your firms' impact so the process of hiring them should be treated with care and seriousness.


About the Author: 

Joshua Heim is a freelance writer located in Provo, Utah. He enjoys writing about business development, company culture, and employer reputation management. He has most recently worked with RVWBOT, where he loves helping companies improve their culture and earning better reviews from employees. He loves the startup culture in Utah and is always eager to strategize with and motivate those around him. 

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