The Value of Social Media to Your Recruitment Brand

By Aleyx Perks

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For the last few years the phrase ‘Social Recruiting’ has been buzzing around the industry. Many recruiters now utilise Social Media and see it as an important mix in their recruitment lives but what exactly can Social Media do for your recruitment brand and how can it improve the way in which you recruit? 

Social Media is very powerful and is changing the way we lead our lives and carry out our business. It’s a vital tool when it comes to marketing your recruitment company’s brand and showcasing your services and capabilities.

What is the relevance of Social Media to the Recruitment Industry?

Social Media has made its stamp on the Recruitment world in a number of ways.

The Client

Employers are very much present on Social Media with most large companies and SME’S now tweeting, linking and liking!  Employers use Social Media platforms like Twitter and LinkedIn to discuss their products and services, announce events, share industry news and chat with professionals in their field.

Recruiters must use this activity to their advantage by engaging with current and prospective clients; keeping up-to-date with their business  and gaining fantastic insight as to who they are and what they are looking for. 

Using Social Media provides the perfect opportunity to interact with prospective clients at a personal and informal level, making them aware of your services and how you can help their business. It can often be a great introduction to a prospective client instead of cold calling them.

Social Media should not just be used as a sales platform for you to shout about everything you do in the hope someone out there is listening. It should also be a platform to research your prospective clients, find out what they discuss, determine what they want and then tailor your approach to meet their needs.

Researching prospective clients will give you a stronger grasp on the way they work and their current requirements, so when approaching new business you have a tailored pitch which your competitors may not have.

The Candidate

Job seekers are extremely engaged on Social Media and often use it to search for new jobs. This has been made easy thanks to recruiters and employers sharing job vacancies on the likes of LinkedIn and Twitter.

The use of Social Media really can help you to find some truly unique candidates which your competitors may have missed. By posting your vacant positions to your audience, you can also run searches for talent through Twitter and LinkedIn.

If you spend time researching talent through social media you will often find it’s those candidates that are not actively seeking new employment that are the most talented - the hidden gems.

It’s important to understand that candidates will often use Social Media to research prospective Recruitment Agencies too.  They are more likely to engage with recruiters who share up-to-date information, write engaging content and inform their audience.

Your recruitment brand must be doing all of the above to attract the unique talent that your business requires. Your vision should be to create a vibrant online presence that will engage and inform job seekers, keeping them in the know about the latest Industry news and the top jobs in their sector.

Recruiters can also use Social Media to screen prospective candidates and check they are suitable for the position. According to a study carried out by, 82% of employers have looked up potential candidates on Social Media – it’s definitely worth researching jobseekers on Social Media before sending them over to your client.

Social Media isn’t going to completely change the way you recruit – it’s simply another tool to recruit more effectively and add value to your brand. Building a bigger contact base and stronger relationships with both your clients and candidates.

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