These Are The Office Coffee Trends You Need To Know [Infographic]

By Heather Huhman

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Keeping up with job seeker trends is tough, but it’s important to know what keeps them motivated, especially when it comes to the ever important cup of coffee. Could the smell of fresh brewed coffee draw quality recruits in?

With National Coffee Day quickly approaching on Thursday, September 29th, Quantum Workplace -- a company with an employee feedback platform designed to make work better each day -- created the infographic below so you can check out these important office coffee trends.

Discovering and retaining employees is the key to creating successful businesses, and a good cup o’ joe is an important part of job seekers’ lives.

This infographic takes a look inside coffee drinkers’ caffeinated minds. Some highlights include:

  • 81.8% of employees said their company offers free coffee in the kitchen/cafeteria
  • 73.4% of employees drink coffee, making it much more popular than other caffeinated drinks
  • 78% of executives drink coffee
  • 70% of employees under 25 drink coffee
  • 87.9% of employees over 66 drink coffee

Brew a fresh batch of coffee, and check out the full infographic below!

What coffee perks are motivating employees in your office? Let us know in the comments!


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