Think Diversity, Think Success

By Rakesh Singh

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Over the last few years, diversity at workplaces has been widely discussed, debated, and studied. There are still many companies, today, that are smug about their workplace culture. They don’t pay much attention to diversity in their workplace, and how much it can help boost the company performance. The truth is that diversity is essential, and it could even be the key to a successful company. It may seem surprising, but studies done by Procter and Gamble have proven that there is a link between diversity and productivity. A company that encourages diversity, in terms of gender, ethnicity, religion, language, sexual orientation, and race, is often much more productive and profitable than one that doesn’t. 


How to Impart a Diverse Environment

Creating diversity in your workplace is not quantum physics. You just need to take some initiative and be a little logical about it. 


Create Openness from the Ground Level

If you haven’t already built a diverse workplace, it isn’t too late to start. You must start by making sure that you stand up against discrimination. Ensure that all your employees know that every person has different strengths, and contribute differently to the overall growth of the company. Show them that different types of people at your company will bring about better innovations and growth.

You could also create a leadership team with employees that truly appreciate workplace diversity. This team could help spread the culture to the rest of the organisation, by organizing festive celebrations for all ethnic groups at the office.


Conduct Workshops and Training

It is important that you get all your employees on board to value diversity. You can do so by organizing workshops. Invite guest speakers to talk about how to be more accommodating. These speakers can be of different ethnic groups, cultures or industries, and can share a number of different perspectives from a business point of view.  Initially, employees might be hesitant, but they will eventually gain a better sense of cultural awareness. They will be able to value all of their colleagues, and treat them respectfully.


Bring In a Diverse Group of Employees

The next time you are hiring, fill the position with someone that is different in their thinking, and someone who can share their perspectives with the company. Make sure that they are different in the way that they act and look, as well. Don’t stick to your conventional methods of hiring; extend your radius of search and criteria. This way, you’d find many more candidates who would be a perfect fit for your company.


Encourage Diverse Thinking

Diversity doesn’t end with cultural backgrounds or lifestyle choices. If you change up your hiring criteria, you will find people whose life experiences have altered their thinking, making them unique individuals. A study, conducted by Katherine Phillips and Robert Lount, revealed that even one person who is different from the rest, can make the whole team work harder and understand issues better.

Not only is diversity socially benevolent, it also works wonders economically. It can be difficult at first, but in time, it is sure to increase profitability and performance. All it takes is a little effort, and you can make your company a great place for all your employees.


Rakesh Singh

As Head of Marketing at Aditi Staffing, Rakesh is responsible for organizational brand outlook. Rakesh, very strongly believes in the golden circle of why, how and what and supports Aditi Staffing’s success by connecting the brand with candidates, clients and the recruitment engineers in the same manner. With over 10 years of experience in various sales and marketing roles including an entrepreneurship attempt in the Digital Display Advertising world, he brings a comprehensive approach to Aditi Staffing’s brand management in the global recruitment market.

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