TikTok: Your New Recruiting Playground for Gen Z Talent

By Gaurav Belani

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If you’re not using social media in your recruitment process, it’s time to change your strategy. Just when we had settled into the familiarity of traditional platforms for recruitment, along came a disruptor, turning the job hunt process on its head.

TikTok, initially the go-to destination for dance challenges and lighthearted content, has morphed into a powerhouse for hiring top-tier talent.

This article is your comprehensive guide to TikTok recruiting—why you should reach out to its huge Gen Z user base and how to make a viral recruiting video. It’s time to skyrocket your brand's visibility as we delve into the nitty-gritty of using TikTok for job recruitment. Let’s go!

TikTok and Gen Z Talent: A Perfect Match

Gen Z is the first generation to have grown up with social media since childhood. They’re tech-savvy, socially conscious, and have different workplace demands than previous generations.

TikTok, which is present in 150 countries, particularly resonates with this generation. The app's demographic distribution spans various age groups, with a large portion of them aged 18 to 24.

As a result, TikTok has become Gen Z's LinkedIn, a space where the future workforce is actively sought, engaged, and cultivated. This makes it the perfect online space for businesses to connect with the younger generation.

Why Should Companies Be on TikTok in 2024 and Onward?

Traditional recruitment channels often struggle to resonate with the digitally native Gen Z, making platforms like TikTok essential for reaching them where they naturally congregate.

Feeling skeptical about starting a TikTok account for your business? Here are three reasons why you should hop onto the bandwagon as soon as possible:

It’s the fastest-growing social media platform, making it a hotspot for the younger generation. With over a billion active users, it has rapidly outpaced its competitors, many of which are trying to replicate the short video format on their platforms.

The most used influencer marketing channel: In 2023, TikTok surpassed Instagram to become the leading platform for influencer marketing. This change cements TikTok as the best place to advertise services and products through real, user-created content.

You can hire reliable workers faster: The entire concept of TikTok revolves around fast pacing. With TikTok's huge user base, you can speed up your hiring and connect with reliable talent in no time.

The bottom line is that there aren’t many downsides to using TikTok as a recruiting tool for your business. So, if you don’t want to experience FOMO (fear of missing out), you shouldn’t skip this social media platform as part of your marketing and hiring strategy.

Perks of Using TikTok for Recruitment

Many companies are tapping into the app's short-form video format to create engaging, authentic content that goes beyond the typical job posting.

What started as a hub for laughs and creativity took a decisive turn with the introduction of TikTok for Business—a move that prompted a shift from entertainment to edutainment.

The app offers a wide suite of advertising solutions and resources for businesses in all industries. Here’s why TikTok for brand awareness and recruitment is the way to go:

Reach an untapped younger audience

Every HR manager is privy to using platforms like Indeed or LinkedIn to seek out recruits. However, the competition there is often fierce, and it’s not uncalled for to receive thousands of applications for a single opening. This makes the whole hiring process challenging for both the hiring managers and the applicants.

TikTok, on the other hand, still has limited competition when it comes to recruiting content. If you create a short #WeAreHiring video, you’ll probably get more attention in comparison to strictly professional platforms. Best of all, you can strategically target your video with hashtags so that it shows up on the feed of the ideal candidates for your industry, making it easier to search for people on TikTok who align with your recruitment needs

Humanize your brand

The interactive nature of TikTok creates a virtual community interested not just in job opportunities but in the overall narrative of a company.

Do you want to show the world that the vibes at your workplace are immaculate and increase brand awareness? To appeal to this progressive audience, you need to forget the traditional job description. Instead, showcase your company culture, the day-to-day activities, and the kind of talent you're looking for.

Be authentic, introduce the hiring team, and let your brand’s personality shine through. This approach not only attracts young talent but also positions the company as forward-thinking and culturally aware.

Plus, with over 78 million users in the US alone, chances are your employees are already on TikTok, providing a solid base for your recruitment efforts.

Keep tabs on your competition

Everyone is on TikTok these days, including your competitors. If other brands in your industry are regularly posting short videos and you’re stalling because you’re unsure if it’s useful, you’re missing out on a big slice of the pie in a sea of potential customers.

Take a closer look at what your competitors are doing on the platform. Analyze their content, engagement, and the strategies they employ. This not only provides valuable insights into what works in your niche but also helps you identify opportunities to differentiate your brand.

By staying informed about your competitors' online presence, you can adapt and create unique content that resonates with your target audience. Remember, TikTok is incredibly fast-paced, so keeping up with your rivals is key to staying ahead of the curve.

How to Make a Viral TikTok Recruiting Video

A TikTok recruiting video goes beyond job descriptions, giving a sneak peek into the open role and company vibe.

Better yet, you get to interact directly with potential candidates and can see their social media presence on the app as well.

So, what strategies can you employ to master TikTok recruiting? Let’s take a look:

Incorporate the latest trends

TikTok thrives on trends, and your company should join the conversation, whether through lip-sync videos, challenges, or viral dances.

While not every trend may align with your business, incorporating trends can be enjoyable. The airline company Ryanair, for instance, regularly posts viral-worthy videos that appeal to Gen Z’s sense of humor. The company adeptly integrates trends into its TikToks, showcasing entertaining employee and passenger experiences.

Moreover, videos that engage with trends often catch the algorithm's attention. So, seize the opportunity to infuse your recruiting videos with some trend-inspired fun!

Don’t forget the hashtags

Hashtags on TikTok are vital for reaching users on the platform and keeping pace with trending topics. They significantly enhance a post's visibility in the For You feed, increasing the likelihood of it going viral.

The official TikTok for Business guide encourages brands to create branded hashtag challenges to reach the right audience.

Take note of the recruitment campaign by the clothing brand Good American. Their hashtag #GAOpenCasting has amassed over 3 million views, making waves with people eager to become brand representatives.

This is a great marketing strategy for sparking conversation about your brand message or products, even if the challenge isn't recruitment-focused. Create a branded hashtag and encourage your team, clients, and potential job candidates to partake.

Showcase your workplace

Showcasing your company culture will bolster your brand reputation and attract potential recruits. By creating engaging behind-the-scenes content, you not only provide a unique glimpse into your culture but also establish a connection with your audience.

There are numerous ways to highlight your workplace on TikTok—here are just a few:

  • Employee takeovers: ‘A day in the life’ videos are always a trendy topic on TikTok. Allow your team members to share their perspectives on what a typical day in their role looks like.
  • Office tours: Give potential recruits a glimpse of what they can be a part of. Make a tour of what your workplace looks like and how fun it is to be a member of your team.
  • Celebrate milestones and achievements: This goes for both business milestones and highlighting employee achievements. Show your followers that your company celebrates together and appreciates individuals who succeed.
  • Office Pet Day: Who can resist a cute animal clip? Use this opportunity to introduce the furry companions that brighten up your workplace. After all, a touch of cuteness is always a great way to showcase the lighter side of your company.
  • Share your mission: Gen Z professionals crave more from their employers than just a job; they seek purpose, values, and a positive impact on the world. Use TikTok to broadcast your company's mission, values, and the meaningful work your team is doing to make a difference.

Collaborate with influencers

As mentioned earlier, TikTok has become the leading space for online influencers. Collaborating with them for your brand's recruitment efforts is a strategic move that can yield impressive results.

Consider identifying influencers whose content aligns with your company’s values and target audience. To give an example, Samsung is a tech company that collaborates with influencers in the interior design niche to advertise their The Frame TV. Their hashtag #TheFrame has amassed over 200 million views, and they often repost the most engaging videos on their page.

Another tip is to comb through your followers and see who has a prominent platform and might be willing to work with you. Oftentimes, your most devoted fans will be eager to promote your brand. Plus, since they’re already enjoying your products, their review would be authentic, which is most valuable for TikTok influencer marketing.

Additionally, check if any of your employees have a significant social media presence. Someone who’s already a part of your company would be the ideal spokesperson for your brand. Have them share their career journey, offer advice, or discuss opportunities at the workplace.

Understand Gen Z lingo

If your business is looking to attract Gen Z talent, the last thing you want to do is be out of touch with their lingo. There’s no shame in being a millennial or older, but if you’re questioning why the “vibes” and “aesthetics” of your workplace are off, it’s time to look up the meaning of Gen Z slang phrases.

Having a grasp of Gen Z jargon will help you stay current, bridge generational gaps, and connect effectively with the younger user base of TikTok.

However, you should avoid overusing phrases where they don’t make sense because you risk coming across as cringe-worthy. There’s a fine balance between sounding current and looking like the real-life version of the “How do you do, fellow kids?” meme.


When it comes to reinventing your recruitment methods, TikTok might not be the first platform that comes to mind. Despite its unconventional nature, it’s one of the best online spaces to connect with Gen Z professionals in the era of short-form video.

Even if you’re doubtful of its usefulness, TikTok is the place to be if you want to connect with young professionals and increase your brand awareness.

Velislava Georgieva is an Outreach and Content Manager at Inbound Blogging, specializing in Content Marketing and Outreach Strategies. Besides her passion for digital marketing, she likes yoga, fitness, and hiking. You can connect with her on LinkedIn.

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