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By Tony Restell

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We had the pleasure of welcoming the Launchpad Recruits team to present on a recent webinar about the use of video technology in recruitment. The insights, which you can access via the recording below, really opened our eyes to the variety of ways companies can benefit from making greater use of video technologies in the hiring process.

Video Technology in Recruitment

Background: Video Technology in Recruitment

When you talk about using video for recruitment, most people will assume you're talking about conducting job interviews via Skype. Some might think of introducing some element of video into their candidate attraction campaigns. But the impact of the technologies being deployed today is much more far-reaching.

Kirstie Kelly, Director at Launchpad, talked us through some of the ways that clients are using their tools as an illustration of ways that video technology is being used in recruitment. The angle that most intrigued me on the call was the use of recorded candidate responses to pre-assigned interview questions.

For initial candidate screening, this seems a game changer. Instead of trying to whittle that pile of CVs down with a quick scan, why not form that opinion from watching the candidate answer a couple of questions that provide the insights you need to make the right calls?

Changing the Economics of Recruiting

For a variety of reasons this seems highly attractive. Firstly, any company can effectively "interview" a far greater number of candidates, greatly increasing the chances that the "star candidates" will be uncovered in the screening process. But just as important, the candidate experience is greatly enhanced. Gone is the frustration that the vast majority of candidates never make it to interview stages and are left feeling rejected and disengaged. In its place is a process that means far more candidates are left feeling positive about the company and its hiring process. In an era where the Candidate Experience is viewed as being all important, this could well prove to be a game changer.

What intrigued me even more though was the example of professional services firms using a similar approach as part of their Final Round interviewing process. At first you'd think this is counterintuitive. Why put your most valued candidates through a process that seems less personal? But the reality is that this approach allows all the Partners / hiring decision makers to see the exact same performance of each candidate and so more readily reach a final hiring decision that everyone has bought into. This contrasts with the more traditional round of final interviews, where each Partner has a differing opinion of the interview performances of each final round candidate. I'll be honest, until this approach was laid bare I wouldn't have even contemplated this as a way that video could be effectively used to improve (rather than streamline) the hiring process!

Video Technology in Recruitment: Webinar Recording

Well without further delay I share with you the webinar recording below. I must say a special thanks to Kirstie and the Launchpad Recruits team for having battled through a connectivity issue they faced part way through the session. I hope you find it an enlightening session and if you're contemplating experimenting with video for recruitment in your own business, do take advantage of Launchpad's 30 day trial offer as a great way of exploring what's possible.

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