What Are the Key Recruiting Trends in 2015?

By Experteer

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As more millennials enter the workforce, the culture within organizations is seeing a massive shift. So, whether you are a manager trying to develop your team towards innovation or someone seeking a new management position, these are real issues you may have to deal with. On the other side, experts on the recruitment side of things have also claimed how skill shortages at senior positions continue to be an impediment. While new digital technologies are making it easier for recruiters and candidates to ‘network’, there’s a significant gap in what all the stakeholders need to accomplish before they can create a very strong and attractive value proposition. The #futureofwork is no longer a concept to be discussed in elite conferences, it is here, now. Download a free copy of your report here.

Trends experts shared on recruiting needs and challenges in 2015

  1. Technologies like mobile & social will continue to play a major part in recruitment strategies as consumer/candidate behavior has grown to expect these in all processes. While these technologies have increased the possibilities of interaction and networking between candidates and hiring managers, good old online job portals are key to finding quality hires. Relationships with headhunters and staffing agencies are critical especially for senior management jobs
  2. The search for talent has become globalized as demographic changes in different economies makes some countries net importers or exporters of talent. Employers, headhunters and staffing firms need to be prepared for the new challenges brought in by globalized recruitment. Diversity, flexible work environments are all needs presented by distributed workplaces and different needs.
  3. For success the one thing critical from a candidate as well as a recruiter perspective is greater personalization in the recruitment and hiring process. Companies and recruiters need to be conscious of the brand perceptions they give out to management candidates, especially with Gen Y and X which strongly push for the notion that they are looking for ‘meaning’ rather than just a monthly salary. Hiring right is at the heart of building an attractive work culture. Successful candidates on the other hand are expected to bring empathy into their leadership style to be able to lead cross-cultural and diverse teams, often distributed across cultures.

We interviewed several leaders, headhunters and executive recruiters who shared these exclusive insights for our readers and senior management professionals. We invite you to participate in a global Twitter event to discuss these findings and co-create the #futureofwork and recruitment! 

We look forward to a great conversation!


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