What Job Seekers Dislike About Employers

By Irina Nagy

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Looking for a new job can be extremely challenging in this economic climate. Now we are hearing from a steady stream of job seekers who are being irritated by the application and interviewing process. Many job seekers are actually quite upset with what they perceive as “shabby” overall treatment. This is damaging the employer brand of many organisations and damaging the recruitment teams’ reputation.

Below are some of the most common complaints from job seekers:

What Job Seekers Dislike About Employers

Not letting an applicant know they’ve been unsuccessful

It may not be easy to get in touch with every single person who applied for the job and didn’t get through to the interview, but it’s really disappointing for job seekers when they never hear back from employers, particularly when they have been asked to spend up to 90 minutes applying.

Not letting an interviewee know they’ve been unsuccessful

Not contacting unsuccessful interviewees is much worse than not contacting unsuccessful applicants. It takes a lot of work and time to get ready for an interview therefore, an email with a brief feedback will be very much appreciated.

Posting job specifications that are unclear

Try to be very specific because, if job seekers don’t understand exactly what you’re looking for, they won’t be able to give you what you need.

Having to submit a lot of documents

Many applications require a resume, a cover letter, response to selection criteria, signed declaration of some sort, academic qualifications and many others. It’s better to require only what’s really necessary before the interview as the rest can be garnered after this stage.

Weird and Whacky questions

Most employers like to put candidates on the spot and figure out how they thing and handle pressure. However, a common complaint from jobseekers is that questions are deliberately designed to be vague or just simply to catch them out but without an obvious end game.

Not including salary details

It’s frustrating for applicants when they apply for a job that turns out to be offering less money than they were hoping for especially after taking a lot of time writing the perfect CV and cover letter. Therefore, it’s better to be upfront when it comes to the salary.

Very specific job requirements

The job market has grown so competitive that job seekers seem to have to be a perfect match for a job. Being smart, flexible and resourceful seems to be no longer enough to get a job…you must possess the exact experience the company seeks.

Vacancy overselling

Something else that job seekers complain about is overselling. Trying to make a job sound as exciting as possible just to get great applicants, can make you end up with a disillusioned employee when it turns out that it’s a bog standard run of the mill job!

Unexpected interview challenges

It’s ok for employers to set candidates challenges or tasks for their interview. But, when they do that, they should always give the right notice period and what’s expected of them. That ensures that the interview is neither a waste of time for the employer or the employee.

Not reading the candidate application

Applicants expect to be quizzed about their work history in interviews, and to be asked for more information about what they wrote in their application. It can be especially annoying therefore when a candidate is being asked basic questions that should have already been explained during the initial evaluation process.

Not researching the candidate properly

Applicants are expected to research the company they are applying to and often to demonstrate their knowledge before they get the job. Doing the same for them could well give you an idea of what they’re able to do and it could also help you to formulate better questions for the interview.

While the employer has a vacancy to fill, the jobseeker is asked to put their career and potential happiness into the employer’s hands. Therefore, it’s very important to make the whole hiring process as smooth and pleasant as possible. It will be a win – win situation!

About the author

Irina Nagy is Marketing and PR Executive at MyPeopleBiz and blogs on topics related to recruitment, job hunting and career advice.


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