What To Share On Twitter

By Andy Johnson

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So you have a website? Check. Set up your Facebook Page? Check. Got a Google+ Page? Yup. How about a Twitter? Yes. Okay, so now the question is, just what the heck are you meant to share on all these channels?!

While some of these social platforms give you a great deal of functionality in the way that you are able to lay out your page, edit its content, and set up administrators, Twitter is a different beast.

The micro-blogging service offers you a measly 140-character limit, which some people probably hate, while others adore it. What you have to do, as a brand or business user, is know how to maximise your impact under these 'limited' circumstances.
One of the best ways to do this is to share information produced by others.


Why share?

People are following your page because they have an interest in you, your products, or your industry - so don't forget that to start. These people believe that you are somehow more important than other people. Perhaps they've bought a great product off you, or you're a fantastic comedian. Whatever it may be, they are interested in what you have to say, and just as importantly, what you have to offer outside of your own core reasons to be on the platform in the first place.

Sharing isn't just about commentary however. It can really help you get even more customers, and even more web authority. This is because if people actively share your content with others; through posting to Facebook, Google+, writing an article about your tweets, or retweeting your original message, you are expanding your reach to friends of that person. In turn, your search engine rankings might rise, and you could get even more followers.

What should I share?

Internet content comes in many different forms; from videos to podcasts, news articles to blogs. The idea is, you should really be sharing as much of it as possible.

Web users like variety and are engaged by mixed content. Consistently posting your own news might look dull to them, not just in form but in function. A thorough twitter marketing campaign will capitalise on retweeting relevant industry videos or infographics around your networks in a timely and focused manner.

By all means jump on what the flavour of the month is. If there's a national sporting event happening, then get involved, show your support. Or better yet, find data pertinent to your industry that is enjoying a boost, or unusual side effect as a direct result of the action.

However, do remember not just to share. A brilliant twitter account will share content as well as generate its own. Try not to fall into the habit of being just a publisher, a sharer, someone who just interacts, or mere commenter - be all of them at once.

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