Why Content is Important for Recruiters

By Aleyx Perks

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You’ve heard it all before, ‘Content is King’ and if you are going to successfully stand out from your competitors and attract unique candidates to your business then you need to be developing and publishing informative content about the sectors in which you recruit.

Here are JobFruit’s top 5 reasons to run a blog on your website.

Creating an attractive brand

In a saturated market, it’s imperative that you stand out from your competitors by creating an attractive brand. Yes, creating a fancy website with compelling branding is an important part of this but to give your brand a personality you must create content!

Content shows your audience who you are as a business. An attractive brand with a relatable personality promotes loyalty and trust from both candidates and clients and gives them a reason to engage with your business.

If your recruitment business publishes opinion pieces about the sector you specialise in, you are giving yourself a voice and a personality – something which your candidates and clients can relate to!


By creating informative advice pieces you will build a large circle of loyal candidates and clients that are more likely to come back to your business time and time again.

You’re giving them sound advice and information which they are interested in which is giving them a reason to return to your business.


By creating compelling blog posts you are showcasing your knowledge in the markets which you specialise. This is beneficial to both your clients and your candidates for several reasons:  


Clients want to be reassured that you are knowledgeable in the market which they operate. There are so many recruitment companies that promise them the world, they are more likely to give their vacancies to a recruitment company who is knowledgeable in their market, and a blog is a great way to reassure them that you are.

For example, if you’re a recruitment company who specialises in Cyber Security and have various discussion pieces on the current Cyber Security problems the UK are faced with, the current job market and how it can be improved etc, it highlights to the client that you know exactly where the market is and the steps which are required to make improvements.


Similar reasons for candidates, by reading your opinion posts they can see you know your market and are a lot more likely to trust you to find them their next position. It reconfirms your position in the market.


By running a blog on your website you are proving that you are different from your competitors and are going the extra mile to attract unique talent.  A lot of recruitment businesses may well have blogs but what you will find with a lot of them is they use their blog to shout about their business and what they have been doing.

Don’t just do this, it is fine to report on an important milestone for your business but it is also important to write opinion pieces about the market, something which many of your competitors won’t be doing – your uniqueness will shine through!

Drive traffic to your website

Engaging content can be a great way to drive traffic to your website and in turn, your vacancies!

If you are writing compelling opinion pieces or great advice, candidates are going to be attracted to your website a lot more than if you’re simply shouting about your business or the multiple vacancies you have.

So, there you have it, 5 important reasons why you should implement a blog into your recruitment business. Next month we will give you some valuable advice to creating a winning content strategy – keep your eyes peeled for that! 


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