Will Twitter Replace LinkedIn for Social Recruiting?


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Is Twitter set to takeover LInkedIn as the top social site for recruiting? A recent study from social recruiting firm Goziak shows it’s a real possibility. In a press release about the report, Goziak predicts Twitter will become the “dominant channel” because of a recent impressive growth in the number and quality of job postings on the micro-blogging site.

According to Goziak’s data from their Social Recruiting Index, the number of of job postings on Twitter has grown by 32 percent in just the last six months. There are over 500,0000 social job posts currently going up on the platform every month which works out to be about 15 new job postings every single minute. If Twitter continues on this path of growth, the platform will soon hit 2 million posts a month.

Part of the reason Twitter may be gaining on LinkedIn is the type of job postings that become popular on the platform. The top two spots are filled with sales positions and IT/technology jobs, respectively. Those types of positions are common on LinkedIn as well, but the difference comes in at the third most popular type of position posted on Twitter: medical and dental. These jobs account for about 15 percent of all job postings on Twitter, but you don’t see many medical or dental opportunities on LinkedIn. Goziak co-founder Joe Budzienski told VentureBeat, “There are a lot of professionals on Twitter who blog and tweet about the medical field, so therefore you get lots of announcements coming out in the hopes that these individuals will see them.”

So will Twitter beat out the established LinkedIn for top social recruiting platform? Well that depends on what “top” means. While Twitter will certainly continue to prove itself as a valuable tool for social recruiting, both platforms offer different types of experiences that will appeal to different employers and different types of job candidates. That’s why we see such a growth in the medical and dental field that we don’t see on LinkedIn. LinkedIn will still be a key player in the social recruiting cycle even if Twitter surpasses the platform in total job listings or recruiting use.


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