11 Simple Steps That Will Help You Manage Your Business

By Catherine Pouspourika

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A business, no matter how big or small it might be, needs a lot of time and attention in order for it to flourish. As a business owner, it is your priority to make sure that you will pay enough attention to the administrative problems that might occur and take care of them before they actually cause your business more trouble. If you are determined to find the right solutions then there is no reason as to why your business will be a success in the future.

In this case, however, people might find themselves in a bit of a stalemate. If business owners are determined to make their business work then why are so many businesses failing? There is no business owner out there that do not want their company to be a success. The reason why companies fail sometimes, especially during the beginning of their existence is due to the fact that some business owners do not know exactly what they are supposed to do in order to perfectly manage their business. If you are not a professional on the field of business administration and this is your very first business then you might want to consider getting professional help.

Before you go ahead and hire a professional, however, although it is highly recommended, try out a few simple things that could help you manage one of the most important parts of your business, the finances. Here are a few steps that you can take in order to understand things better and start applying new techniques that could prove to be very profitable for the future of your business.


Hire an accountant. If you want to properly manage your accounting then you need a professional. You are not an accountant and when it comes to businesses, basic accounting knowledge is not enough. You need someone with experience in the field of business finances. Even if you end up paying a little bit of extra, it will definitely be worth it.

Step 2

Keep track of your expenses. The business has costs and expenses. You need to keep track of all of them. How much money is your business spending, every month, on payments? Are there any abundant expenses? And if yes, how can you minimize their cost? Could you possibly eliminate them? Keeping track of every single payment can help you understand whether you are treating your finances the right way or not. This will give you the opportunity to establish strategies and techniques the promote better practices for your finances.

Step 3

Have a clear view of your financial projections. It is very important to know exactly what you are supposed to expect from your business on a financial level. That way it will be a lot easier for you to anticipate possible problems and have a solution ready to go! It will save you a lot of time and, of course, a lot of money.

Step 4

Always keep track of your loans to your business. It could be you loaning money to your business from your personal capital or getting a load from your business. In every case, you need to make sure that you are going to be keeping a record of all the money going back and forth. That way, knowing exactly what your company is making will certainly be a lot easier to track all of your expenses and of course exactly how much money you are making and what your profit is. You need clear statements to know how to set up the best strategy for your business.

Step 5

Set aside money by paying yourself first. You need to set a specific amount of money as your monthly ‘’salary’’. Perhaps 10% of the earning of your business. Make sure that you will take that 10% and set it aside for you at the beginning of the month. That way you will always have the money to go through your month. At the same time, you will be able to pay the rest of your employees and the expenses of your business. Anything that might be left at the end of the month will end up in your bank account as well. So always make sure that you start with yourself first.

Step 6

Don’t exaggerate with your salary. You are the owner of the company and that means that the money belongs to you. You need to pay your employees and your obligations of course but anything that is left does go straight into your bank account. When it comes to your salary, you must not exaggerate. 10% is a very good salary for a business owner. Taking more money will mean that you will be sucking up all the business profit and that is not something you want to do. Keep is at a steady pace and keep it as low as you possibly can. If there is money left they will certainly be coming your way at the end of the month.

Step 7

Do not make unnecessary expenses. There are many types of expenses that are necessary for a business. Business trips are a must from time to time. However, overspending during business trips and using them as an excuse for luxurious traveling is certainly not going to be good for your business profit. When it comes to business trips make sure that you will minimize the cost as much as possible. That way the profit will not be affected, you will still go through your business trips and generate even more profit.

Step 8

Don’t expand until you are ready. Many business owners get excited after the success of their company and are very quick to expand. This is a mistake. Especially when it comes to expanding your business. You need to take things slow. You need to make sure that you will not make any fast decisions. We know that expanding your business means more profit and you can’t wait but if you don’t do it the right way it will be the opposite of that. You need to focus on taking things slow so that you can monitor the entire process and not miss anything in between. To not push large amounts of money to the new expansion, too quick. It can be disastrous.

Step 9

Be your own marketer. Marketing is a very important part of every business. Without a proper marketing strategy, you will not manage to make your business known to the world. The bigger the business the more complicated the marketing strategy. Hiring a professional to help is a smart idea but you must play a role in the marketing strategy as well. You need to be your own marketer. Know what kind of marketing strategy is the best for your business. If possible, be the one to set it up. If you are not able to do this and you have to hire someone to do it for you, make sure you will be there every step of the way.

Step 10

Minimize equipment cost. There are some pieces of equipment that you will need to buy. Equipment that you use all the time and need constant access to it. However, every business has equipment that is rarely used. Consider renting that equipment instead of buying it. You will pay less and you will avoid maintenance costs for something you barely use!

Keep an eye out for premature expenses. It is a common mistake for any business owners to start by spending money on things that are certainly not necessary in large quantities. At least not in the beginning. Business cards, marketing materials, inventory and many more. Start but getting just enough to get you going. Too much is never good. These ten steps, if followed correctly can help a new business build a very strong basis. Starting off big is not as important as starting off safely. Do you want a business that will be successful in the long or short-term? Remember, you have everything you need to make your business a truly

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