The Importance of Building a Mailing List for Digital Marketing

By Inspiring Interns

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Building up a loyal fan base through a mailing list is key for any digital marketing strategy. Not only are you attracting customers who have deliberately chosen to opt-in to your emails and are therefore interested in your brand and your products, you have a ready-made data pool to test your marketing ideas on.

Here are some reasons why it is crucial to build a mailing list to become a successful digital marketer


The Costs Are Low

Setting up a mailing list is one of the most cost-effective marketing strategies available. With direct access to people who you know are engaged with your brand, you have one of the best possible outlets for your marketing campaign.

Costs vary depending on the campaign you are running, but once you have built up a decent-sized list of loyal subscribers, your digital marketing campaign can be as cheap and easy as sending a message to subscribers with an offer or alert, instantly leading to sales or client interaction.


Interact With Your Customers

An engaged mailing list provides you with one of the best ways to interact directly with your clients. Whether you are trying to sell a product, promote a brand, or just share company news, a mailing list enables you to do that quickly and efficiently.

Send out regular emails to keep your subscribers engaged with your company and aware of all your latest news and marketing campaigns.


Get Honest Feedback

Getting feedback on both your marketing campaigns and your brand in general is crucial for growing your business. Once you have built up a mailing list you have the perfect opportunity to reach out to clients and customers and get their opinions and what they love about your company, and what you can improve on.

An incentive such as the chance to win a gift card or prize is a great way to use your mailing list to send out a feedback form, or referral link to build your list further.


Promotes Social Media Channels

Your social media channels will obviously be central to any digital marketing campaign, and you can use your mailing list to connect all of these up.

Send links to your social media outlets to new email subscribers, and including sharing buttons on every email you send to increase exposure on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and any other channels you are using.


Provides Key Data

The host site for your email marketing campaign should include a dashboard where you can analyse user data. With a breakdown on open rate and click rate you can straight away see which marketing campaigns are performing better than others, and which are leading to subscribers clicking through to the content you are trying to sell or inform them of.

Many emailing marketing providers also allow you to create segmented lists within your subscribers, so you can start targeting clients in a more nuanced and efficient manner.


Use It As A Testing Ground

If you are developing a new product, redesigning your logo, or planning a new campaign, a mailing list gives you a base for testing out client reactions. By doing this you can iron out any kinks and prepare for any criticism before you launch in earnest.

By doing this you can iron out any kinks and prepare for any criticism before you launch in earnest.


Drives Traffic To Your Website

Regular emails to a mailing list encourage customers and clients to revisit your website and keeps your company in their recent memory.

By mailing out information on new blog articles, company news, or new products you can drive traffic back to your website, hopefully ensuring that customers keep returning to you for your services, and spreading the word about your company.


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