3 Awesome Social Technology Tools to Help Improve Your Business's Work Environment

By Tim Backes

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Social media platforms like Facebook and apps like Snapchat have changed the way many people live their personal lives. From keeping in touch with friends and family from all over the world to forming new friendships with people you may have never had the opportunity to interact with before, the massive web that is the Internet has in essence made the world smaller.

While a large number of businesses have recognized this and learned how to market through social media outlets, many are missing another great way to help nurture growth.  Instead of using the interconnectedness of the Internet to reach outward looking for new customers, social technology is a great way for businesses to maximize the collective experience and intelligence of their employees.

Here are three tools that help businesses do just that.


Vetter is an online suggestion box that allows employees to easily, and anonymously if they so choose, let their employers know exactly what’s on their mind. However, it’s much more than the old shoebox with a hole cut in the top that the manager at your first part-time job had on his or her desk.

Vetter is a fully functional virtual human resources tool. No matter if your employees work in the same office or are spread out all over the world, everyone can have a say. Better yet, other employees can chime in as well, so management can get a feel for what’s a hot button topic and what is not.

Whether you’re interested in getting employee feedback on new products, or you’re trying to boost company morale and retain top talent by improving your company’s work environment, Vetter is a tool that’s sure to help.


Officevibe is another piece of software that gets employees involved in improving the work environment of the company they’re a part of. However, instead of taking an open-ended approach that allows both the employer and employees to ask questions and make suggestions, it instead seeks employee involvement with helping shape the direction of the company via a series of weekly surveys.

Officevibe comes with an entire library of useful questions that can be mixed and matched into small weekly questionnaires that employees can opt to take part in via the Internet. Employers can also mix in their own questions if they are seeking employee input on something more specific.

All surveys can be answered anonymously, and the software makes sure to stress that so employees can answer honestly with no fear of endangering their working relationships with their supervisors.

For some quick and easy employee feedback, you can’t go wrong with Officevibe.


For lack of a better description, Yammer is basically Facebook for businesses.It is yet another tool to get your employees interacting with one another no matter if they’re in different departments, different office buildings, or different countries.

Employees can share thoughts, make suggestions, upload photos, link to topical blog posts or news articles, and even praise their colleagues.

While interacting with colleagues in such a manner might seem a little odd to older generations, it’s a fantastic way to bring out hidden talents from Millennials who grew up with social media as well as from more introverted employees.


For better or worse, social media is here to stay. It offers a great opportunity for businesses to market their goods and services to prospective customers. But, tech savvy executives can also use the collective power of the social media model to improve the overall work environment of their businesses. With these online tools, there are no longer any excuses for communication breakdowns between executives and employees.


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