3 Content Ideas For Your Business Blog

By Laurie Wood

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Many companies incorporate blogging in their marketing efforts because it’s full of business benefits. A company blog differs from a personal blog because you’re writing for the customers in order to achieve and keep traffic & conversions whereas a personal blogger primarily writes for themselves, an informal biography if you will. B2B marketers that use blogs get 67% more leads than those who do not, which makes it a valuable content marketing tool and should never be overlooked.

But where to start… It can be a little daunting at first. You may find yourself having writer’s block and on top of that having to deal with everyday job tasks can get stressful. Well, grab yourself a cuppa tea, biscuit and have a read through this. 3 content ideas for your company blog (see, I'm doing the hard work for you).


How To Guides are a valuable blog source since you’re offering the customer a free service, more specifically a service which can benefit old & new customers encouraging them to return to your site. This concept is also versatile meaning it doesn’t matter whether you sell a service or product, you can create a How To Guide on anything!

Example How To Guide blog via LifeHacker:  How To Backup Your Computer Automatically With Windows 10’s Built-in-tools.

Top Tip: Try focusing your How To Guide on a best seller or alternatively a product which you’ve received technical/set-up questions about.


Are you skilled in a particular area or perhaps you know the ins and outs of a specific product? Great! Share your knowledge and jot it down in a blog, providing it’s relevant to your business of course (as much as I love cake, a baking recipe wouldn’t be very useful if I was looking to hire a welder).  Perhaps your business is adding new services or changes? Dedicated customers enjoy learning about company updates and/or changes which could affect them. Finally, product reviews are always helpful to customers who are hesitant about purchasing an item. Give them that peace of mind.

Example Informative blog via ASDA: We’ve Cut The Price Of Unleaded And Diesel.

Top Tip: Don’t copy and paste information about a product, customers want a human touch and appreciate a genuine opinion from a professional.


This is a fairly vague category but it’s a starting point and arguably the most fun to write! Loyal customers and current employees enjoy learning about life inside the company. It promotes a positive brand and showcases employee advocates. When is your next work night out? Take a few snaps and show off what an amazing bunch of people your brand has. Or, look around your office and see what’s going on, maybe a birthday? Perhaps a prank has been pulled on an unsuspecting victim? Or maybe your team has ordered #TwoForTuesday at Dominos. Whatever the occasion take a photo or two and write it up, especially if it’s about pizza, many customers will be able to relate to pizza.

Alternatively, you could make it really personal and write it about anything which you have on your mind (as long as your chosen topic reflects the brand image). Take Boohoo for example, a blog about the faces of Gemma Collins? I wouldn’t call her a fashion icon but this humorous blog blends well with Boohoo’s edgy style and clearly targeting a teen demographic.

Example Entertainment blog via BooHoo: The Gemma Collins Memes We Love

Top Tip: It’s easy to get carried away, but don’t publish the same category one after another. You need to mix it up to keep the content varied and appeal to a wider audience.

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