4 Tips to Leverage Social Marketing for Coworking Space Promotion

By Gaurav Belani

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From offering modern amenities and top-class infrastructure at cost-effective prices to working flexibility, coworking spaces have everything to help a business grow.

No wonder, the coworking industry is thriving and experiencing massive growth. At present, there are over 19,400 coworking spaces across the world.

Despite the mentioned benefits and demand, fetching coworking members is challenging for shared space owners, especially small-scale operators.

The competitiveness in the industry is the key reason behind the struggle.

As entrepreneurs have a plentitude of options, coworking owners need extra effort to promote their space.

Here, conventional promotion tactics, such as publishing ads in magazines and newspapers, may fail to serve the purpose.

An effective business promotion strategy is pivotal to attracting today's tech-savvy decision-makers.

That's where leveraging social media marketing can help.

In this post, we will share four tips on using social media marketing to boost your online visibility.

Before that, let's understand how to build an ideal customer profile (ICP). This can help you identify the most relevant and valuable target audience.

How to Create an Ideal Customer Profile

Also referred to as the "ideal buyer profile," ICP can help coworking operators build a prospective customer persona who would enjoy their shared space.

In short, ICP can let you define the best fit for your coworking space solutions. With ICP, you can understand the pain points and needs of entrepreneurs seeking coworking solutions. These insights can help perform targeted social media marketing campaigns to reach them.

Here are a few crucial aspects for creating ICP and social media campaigns for coworking space promotion:

  • Company Size/ Revenue/ Budget: What is the lowest price threshold clients would have to invest in?
  • Industry: Are you looking for entrepreneurs from specific industries or verticals?
  • Region: Do you want to accommodate coworking companies from a specific geographic location?
  • Social Channels: What social media channels do your potential coworking members use proactively?
  • Social Content Type: What social content format (videos, text, images) interests your ICP?

Let's say your ICP is a small business owner who runs a company offering B2B sales solutions in your city.

Now, considering their work domain, they will most likely be active on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. Their chances of using social platforms like Pinterest are less.

So, run campaigns on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook while ignoring Pinterest.

Best Tips to Leverage Social Marketing for Coworking Space Promotion

Now that you've understood the concept and significance of ICP, let's get started with the best actionable social media marketing tactics for coworking space promotion.

#1: Showcase Your Workplace Aesthetics on Instagram

Instagram is primarily a visuals-focused social media channel. According to reports, this platform has 1.21 billion users, of which 90% follow a business profile.

So, create an Instagram business profile if you haven't already. Leverage it to showcase your coworking space aesthetics.

Here are a few vital tips to consider. 

  • Create an Engaging Bio: Define your services, contact information, and website link (to help prospects explore more).
  • Build High-Resolution Content Asset: Snap share-worthy beautiful, high-resolution photographs and videos (Reels and Stories) of the workspaces, cafeteria, and other areas of the coworking space.
  • Post Consistently: Keep sharing relevant content that highlights workspace aesthetics at frequent intervals. Also, you can share past customers' reviews and testimonials. This tactic will ensure high engagement and improve your coworking space's credibility.

Notice how The Address, a coworking space in Indore, leverages all the above-shared social business promotion tactics.


Follow the footsteps of this coworking space operator to maximize your social engagement.  

#2: Use Facebook to Engage Top-Of-Funnel Prospects

Facebook is the leading social media platform with an extensive global user base.

Recent reports state that 2.96 billion active users, roughly equal to 36.7% of Earth's 8 billion population, use Facebook.

What's more? 62% of Facebook users fall between 18 to 34 years of age, while 38% belong to the 35 to 65+ category.

As Facebook's audience covers many demographics, promoting your coworking space here can work wonders. Posting relevant and compelling content can help you attract and engage top-of-funnel prospects.

Here are a few features to attract and engage top-of-funnel leads on Facebook.

  • Paid Advertising: Create coworking space promotion campaigns using self-serve tools. Create eye-grabbing creatives with CTAs in various formats like images, videos, and more. Choose the target audience based on demographics, occupation, interests, and more, and set a budget to get started.
  • Live Video: Share live video posts to offer a sneak peek of your coworking space. Showcase your rejuvenation center, cafeteria, and other striking spots to grab audience eyeballs.
  • Stories: Create and publish Stories reflecting your value proposition, vision, testimonials, and more. This practice can appeal to entrepreneurs looking for a coworking space. Besides, you can share data-driven content on the benefits of coworking spaces for businesses.

The bottom line is to keep the content crisp and engaging, even if it's just a regular post.

WeWork, a renowned global coworking space provider, uses all the above-shared tactics. No wonder, they have 13, 746,77 Facebook followers.

Here's a glimpse of their Facebook profile.


#3: Take Advantage of LinkedIn for Targeted Prospecting 

LinkedIn has 900 million professionals from over 200 worldwide countries and territories.

This makes it an excellent option to network with, search for, and reach prospective clients.

Unlike other social platforms, the target audience on LinkedIn would be decision-makers. So, you need sophisticated content to establish and reinforce business relationships.

Posting random posts and videos highlighting aesthetics may not work on this platform.

Here are a few crucial tips to make the most of LinkedIn for coworking space promotion.

  • Informative Profile: Create a profile that shares information about your coworking space. Mention the year of establishment, workforce, services, location, and more.
  • Valuable Posts: Ensure that your content offers beneficial information for prospective clients. For instance, share about the existing workforce, amenities, and prices.
  • Share Revamped Content: Use website content to recreate whitepapers, podcast episodes, and videos. This can help boost your engagement quotient.

Check out the following post of Techspace, a topmost coworking operator in London.

This coworking operator keeps sharing such informative posts for consistent engagement and promotion.


#4: Share Interesting Information on Twitter

Twitter is the best social platform to stay abreast of the latest industry trends and conversations.

It can help discover information, such as top amenities your prospective customers are searching for, the type of infrastructure they prefer, and more.

The best part is that this platform has over 368 million global users.

So, using Twitter can be a valuable source of prospective customer insights.

Besides, join in on relevant coworking space-related conversations and engage with a community of like-minded entrepreneurs. This can help boost your visibility and build a positive image.

Leverage Twitter to share the following information on coworking space:

  • Invitations to virtual walkthroughs
  • Upcoming community events
  • Infrastructure and amenities
  • Hours of operations
  • Detailed 3D videos of coworking space
  • Top advantages of investing in your coworking space
  • Tips related to coworking 
  • Data-driven messaging for your target market
  • Replying to the queries of prospective clients 

Check out the Twitter handle of Knotel, the world's leading coworking space operator. Observe how Knotel's team leverages the above-shared tactics to engage their audience.



Unlike other forms of marketing, social marketing offers cost-efficient options to promote businesses. It can help you connect to prospective clients without hassles.

So, leverage the low-cost, high-impact social media marketing tactics shared in this post to attract the right coworking communities.

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