6 Ultimate Ways To Build A Kick-Ass Team For Your Tech Startup

By Bezon Karter

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Every startup in the world starts with an owner and a dream to achieve something big. While some of these businesses stay a one-man army for a long time, a majority often needs a team with specific skills and experience to achieve that dream.

Establishment of a scalable business cannot happen in the absence of a team. Any business owner needs a team to fetch business funding from the prospective funding source. Setting up a complete, and kick-ass team not only helps get the job done, but also puts a nice impression on people who have all the money.

Hire The Rock Stars For Your Company

Start by maintaining a database of the right people that you meet. You can call these the stand-out people and hire them as and when you need them for the right role at the right time. As a startup, you might not have all the funds to hire people straightaway, however, it is important to know whom to call when you have the money and the perfect role for a prospective candidate.

Even when you are ready to hire people for your startup, finding the time to source the right candidate, or to convince them to believe in your vision can be a real problem. Therefore, it is important to build a team of trained leaders within the organization, who can spend time and select the right candidates for their own team. This can be effectively done by transferring recruiting responsibilities by empowering the employees through referral programs, feedback metrics and function-specific recruiting teams.

Existing employee base, co-founders of the company and even the customers can act as a great asset in terms of finding a right candidate for a particular job. However, make sure that you communicate clearly to them the kind of skillset that you looking for in an individual.

Typically, finding the right kind of people for a particular job is the hardest thing for a startup owner to get right. It is even more difficult that raising money or to launch a new product. Hiring the wrong set up can have a drastic impact on the entire business and on the other hand, hiring the right people ensures that all you get is success. Right people make sure that they produce something great, even if your idea sounds crap at the first instance. 

Continue With The Hiring Process

It is estimated that more than 80 percent of the people find their ideal job over informal communications and not through a formal application process. Therefore, it is up to you to take a coffee or a lunch break after work to talk to a candidate who may be interested in working for you. In fact, it is not just the responsibility of the startup owner or the talent acquisition person to find the right candidate. If you own a team, then it is your responsibility to develop your own team and keep on building a pool of talented people. 

There are multiple ways to keep the recruitment efforts going. Keep a record of the critical positions that are open within the organization and know at least two or three people you could potentially approach to fill that position. Offer appropriate technology and remote work opportunities to people.

Build Your Own Company Brand

Employer brand, in a way, represents the strategy of the business. If the brand does not exist, then all the marketing, advertising and networking efforts go useless. In addition, it ends up putting pressure on the hiring team as the whole process of getting the right candidates for getting the job done gets harder. 

Hiring is a kind of marketing strategy. There are several ways to create an employer brand. Talk about your company and its culture on social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. As a startup owner, you can go on platforms where people post their queries, such as Quora and Stack Exchange, and answer what people have to inquire about. 

Be Open To Hire Remote Staff

One thing is for sure, people who work remotely are as talented as those who sit in front of you and work. Whatever be your own thoughts on working remotely, you should learn that it is, indeed, the reality of today. 

In case you find the right candidate for a job you have in some other city, you cannot expect him or her to uproot and sell their apartment, move families and situate or establish themselves in the city where you are based. It is great if you are able to find a pool of talented people in your surrounding area or within the city you are based. 

However, you should be open to hire remote staff in case the right talent stays somewhere else. Moving such people is an unnecessary, expensive and a time-consuming step for all of the people involved.  

Taking Care of Your Team

Startups are quite famous for their casual work environment and the kind of benefits that it offers to its employees. Providing small benefits to your employees is an excellent way to build a culture within an organization and to show your employees that you truly care for them. In addition, it is a great way to show that you value the hard work that the employees put in your company.

Working with a startup can be the most life-changing moment for the first hires, but it can also have a bad impact. People working with a startup usually spend their day and night completing the tasks that they are assigned, leaving them exhausted and unfocused at times. Therefore, it is important to make sure that they are rewarded from time to time, to keep them motivated.  However, perks should be offered only as a complement to good work environment.

Create The Right Culture

Every company, even if it is a startup, has a culture that people can associate themselves with. Therefore, make sure that the culture you build within your organization is energizing, compelling and unique. For some companies, there is no negotiation involved while hiring employees. That is because they have such a great culture and people readily accept the offer because they wish to become a part of that culture. 

Creating a right culture within a company ensures that only the right kind of people applies for the job. Sometimes, it is important to pay attention to a person's potential and passion over his or her degrees, experience and overall qualification. It is the duty of the hiring individual to have a clear idea about the kind of culture they wish to develop within their organization. 


Growing and managing a startup is a challenging task that is often surrounded by problems from all its sides. A startup owner not only needs to keep his or her business investor happy, but also the employees who are hired to perform the job.

Apart from the skills required to run a business, the startup owner needs to be equipped with several other skills that are required to manage other things that can make or break a business. This could even happen before the launch of the final product. Therefore, it is important to look after several core aspects of the business.

By hiring the right king of people for your startup, you can make your dream and vision of running the business theirs. Spend some amount of time in working toward the culture of the company and rewarding people for the kind of contribution that they are making.


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