7 Instagram Strategies to Boost Website Traffic and Brand Awareness

By Georgi Todorov

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Two vital factors to a company’s survival are website traffic and how people perceive the brand. Strong brand awareness will allow your brand to appear trustworthy in the eyes of your visitors. And with more traffic comes more customers. 

There are plenty of ways to find traffic for your website and build brand awareness. However, Instagram has proven to be an exceptional platform to achieve both!

Instagram is a superb visual platform that allows brands to promote themselves by publishing content. Brands can also use the platform to engage with fans and build trust. 

If done correctly, your brand will successfully direct traffic from Instagram to its website! This guide has 7 strategies to show you how to achieve this.

Read on to learn more.

1. Create Excellent Content

Instagram users are looking to follow brands that offer value. One way to show your worth is by uploading excellent content regularly. 

If a user stumbles onto one of your posts, they may not follow you immediately. However, if they view your profile and notice that you post great content consistently, then they will be inclined to follow you and wait for greater things to come from you. 

Your brand does not have to focus on creating incredibly high-quality content with an expensive camera. Numerous brands post satirical content like marketing memes or informative posts on the platform. Their goal to offer value takes priority over quality. 

Benefits of consistently posting good content:

  • Builds trust with Instagram users.
  • The more exceptional content you post, the greater the chances are of your brand being discovered. This leads to better brand awareness and potentially more followers.
  • Good quality content can inspire users to visit your website and use your service (or purchase your product).

2. Host a Giveaway or Contest

Instagram giveaways and contests always manage to stir up plenty of excitement and engagement. Most people get excited at the prospect of winning something for free, which is why they eagerly engage with giveaway posts on the platform. 

By encouraging users to like, comment, and share your giveaway post, your engagement stats can fly through the roof. This can help turn the post-viral, increasing its chances of being discovered by new users. 

Also, encouraging users to “tag friends” is another way of getting your brand to become more discoverable. 

If the entry method for your giveaway is through an email form located on your brand’s website, then users will have to visit your website to enter. This means that your giveaway can successfully drive traffic from Instagram to your website! You can try and redirect users to your product pages once they have completed their entry. When planning all this, keep Windows 10 system restore in mind to ensure that everything goes smoothly.

Benefits of hosting a giveaway or contest:

  • Boost Instagram engagement and followers.
  • More shares and people being tagged on the giveaway post will increase its reach, creating more exposure for your brand.
  • If the giveaway entry form is on your website, then users will be compelled to visit your site.

3. Team Up with an Influencer

Instagram influencers and content creators spend years developing their personal brand and audience. While it is advised that you also take the time to develop your brand on Instagram, you can still, in the meantime, buy your way into an influencer’s audience. 

You can arrange a sponsorship deal with an influencer that consists of them promoting your product and brand on their profile. If done right, your influencer will be sending followers and customers over to your brand.

Benefits of Influencer Marketing:

  • Instantly gain access to a larger targeted audience.
  • Increase in brand exposure and followers.
  • An influencer that is known for using a specific branded product can convince their followers to visit that brand’s website to learn more about the product. 

4. Make Use of “Link in Bio”

Social networks like TikTok and Instagram heavily restrict the use of outbound links on their website. You are not allowed to include links in posts. So, redirected traffic to your website or other links is challenging. 

All you have to work with, in regards to outgoing links, is the link in your bio. 

However, you can use a link-sharing tool like Hypage to build multiple links from the single link allowed on your Instagram bio.

So, when a user clicks on the link in your bio, they will be taken to a landing page (like the one above) filled with all your links to socials, blog posts, product pages, etc.

Eg. You created a post on Instagram to promote a new product. At the bottom of the post description, you request users to click on the link in your bio for more info. The link in the bio then takes the user to a page with links to product pages, reviews, recommendations, and videos of the product being used. 

Benefits of link sharing tools for Instagram:

  • The ability to redirect Instagram users to multiple links, videos, socials, etc.
  • No need to keep changing the link in bio, just update the link-sharing tool.
  • An easier and more efficient way to redirect users to specific links (blog posts, product pages, etc.) on a regular basis.

5. Work With Other Brands

Teaming up with other brands to promote your brand (and theirs) is an excellent strategy that has taken off recently. Basically, your brand joins forces with another brand to promote a single marketing campaign (like a giveaway, sale, etc.) on Instagram. 

This strategy works best when brands, that complement each other, team up. Not competing brands. Each brand will gain new leads and exposure from the other brand that mentions them in their posts. 

Some examples include: 

  • A water company teaming up with a gym brand.
  • Photography brands that team-up. A gimbal maker, camera brand, and backpack manufacturer.
  • A pet food brand that teams up with a pet toy brand.

The goal is to work with another brand in your niche and combine all of your marketing efforts together on Instagram to get the best possible results. 

Waiakea, a branded water company, regularly teams up with other brands to run giveaways on Instagram. Each brand sponsors a prize while also promoting the campaign on its page. All prizes will make up a massive prize bundle that will attract more leads for everyone. 

Benefits of teaming up with other brands: 

  • A combined effort can yield larger results as opposed to the marketing efforts of a single brand. All brands combine their resources 
  • Brands within a niche that compliment each other can team up to “take over” that niche and help each other to acquire as many users interested in that niche.

6. Engage With Your Audience

Instagram users love and respect brands that respond to comments. Users are more likely to follow a brand that engages with them as opposed to brands that don’t bother to respond to comments. 

Also, consistently engaging with Instagram users, by responding to comments, will indeed increase your chances of being discovered by more users

So, responding to more comments = more engagement = more users seeing your post = more comments. This cycle of engagement is a part of the Instagram algorithm that your brand can take advantage of just by engaging with its audience. 

Flossy Carter is a YouTuber known for his excellent tech reviews. He successfully built his Instagram audience to over 200k followers.

He states that one of the reasons he is successful on the platform is due to his commitment to answering questions from his fans. 

7. Use Stories

Never stop using Instagram Stories! It is probably one of their most crucial features. 

Instagram Stories allows you to post more content daily without being too intrusive, as stores are neatly placed in their own section. 

Posting too often to your regular feed will indeed fill up your follower’s feeds. This can lead to followers becoming tired of your content, which will ultimately lead to users ‘unfollowing’ you. Also, Posting too little can potentially lead your brand to become irrelevant. 

It’s for these reasons that posting story updates daily can help your brand entertain and retain users. In the graph below, we see that around 5 stories a day will help keep retention rates over 70%. 

More reasons to use Instagram Stories:

  • Further brand building
  • Increase brand visibility
  • Lead generation
  • Leverage real-time marketing
  • Targeted advertising with Instagram Stories Ads
  • Increase engagement and DM chats
  • Move traffic to your website


The way consumers perceive brands has become increasingly crucial for businesses. A consumer that trusts a brand will have zero issues with visiting that brand’s website and doing business with them. 

Building brand awareness is the practice of strengthening consumer perception of your brand. Social networks like Instagram are ideal platforms to create brand awareness. Brands can use Instagram to their advantage to build positive perceptions of themselves to consumers. 

By positively engaging and influencing Instagram users, your brand can gain trust with consumers on the platform and successfully direct traffic to your website. To get started, your brand can practice the strategies mentioned above. 

What do you think of these strategies? Have you tried any of these before? Let us know in the comments below.


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