7 Ways Social Media Analytics Can Boost Your Small Business

By Gaurav Sharma

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Social media usage has surged since 2019 and it has played a crucial role in helping businesses acquire new customers and engage existing ones. 

If you too are planning to invest in social media marketing, let me tell you, relying on social media analytics for your small business is imperative to creating effective campaigns. 

Businesses, big and small, know the worth of social media and that's why more than 92% of businesses in the US use social media for marketing purposes. That's almost everyone! Social media marketing become more productive due to social media management tools such as Circleboom, which help multiple ROI from social media marketing.

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With so many businesses fighting to influence the choices of their audiences, a below-par generic campaign just won't make the cut. 

As a small business aiming to grow big, you should think out of the box to impress your existing and potential customers, be it using LiveChat for content marketing or leveraging social media analytics for your small business growth. Additionally, consider strategies to improve customer sign-in journeys, ensuring a seamless and efficient experience that enhances customer satisfaction and loyalty.

If you have ignored social media analytics for your small business thus far, it's time to change that.

Read on to understand how social media analytics for your small business can go a long way in establishing brand presence and enabling business growth. 

Let's get right to it. 

7 Ways Social Media Analytics can Help Your Small Business Grow 

Small businesses are always on the lookout for ways to grow. I am sure you are considering everything from tools to generate leads to local SEO to grow your business. 

Social media success depends on crafting the most engaging content that can lure new leads, and using social media analytics for your small business holds the key.

Take a look at 7 ways in which social media analytics can help you build growth-focused social media marketing strategies. 

1. Provides Valuable Customer Insights 

As a business, you understand the value of targeting your social posts to the right audience. Social media analytics for your small business can help you understand your targeted audience better. 

You can access valuable insights like:

  • Times when your audiences are online 
  • Their interests and preference 
  • Their connections 
  • The way they interact with your brand 

All this information and much more is readily available through insights on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and other social media platforms. 

How does this data help? 

It helps you to understand your audience and post the right content at the right times on the right channels. 

When your social strategy is backed by such valuable insights, you can certainly expect more engagement. 

Also, don’t forget to invest in a good CRM software solution to further boost your customer relationships.

2. Helps Identify the Best Social Channels for Your Business 

Facebook, YouTube, Whatsapp, Instagram—all these social networks are extremely popular. 

Does that mean your small business should target all these channels? 

Not really. Amateurs try to build a presence on every social platform available and almost always fail miserably on all of them.

Instead, you need to 

A deep dive into the social analytics for your small business will reveal which social channel is generating the most engagement and traffic for you.

You can join every popular social network but, to ensure better ROI for your marketing campaigns, you should target the top-performing social channels for your brand. 

You can utilize social media analytics for your small business to shortlist the platforms and determine how much time and resources you should spend on each. 

3. Helps Create More Engaging Posts 

The hard fact of social media marketing is that you can’t grow your audience base or generate leads if you fail to produce targeted content. 

Relevant content drives results and social media analytics for your small business can help create posts that can trigger better engagement. Take Facebook, for example, which has built-in analytics to indicate how each post is performing.

built-in analytics to indicate how each post is performing

Social media analytics data can help you can determine what kind of content performs best with your audience. You can use these insights to focus on top-performing content and avoid wasting time on worst-performing ones.

When you leverage this data to develop a powerful content production strategy, you will certainly see a spike in engagement. 

4. Keeps You Updated on Your Campaign Performance

When you launch a campaign, you would certainly want to know how your campaign is performing, right? 

Social media analytics can do that job for your small business. 

One quick analysis of the insights and you can determine whether your campaign is performing up to your expectation on not. And if it is underperforming, your team can take timely action to restructure the campaign in a better way so that it can reach more people and drive more sales. 

At the same time, you should collect data from all the apps and social media platforms you use. It allows you to leverage social media analytics and obtain more precise insights. This can be done with data synchronization and similar practices. 

5. Measures ROI and Market Impact 

Social media analytics for your small business is valuable to your marketing team both while running a campaign and after its completion. Analytics data can give you a holistic picture of how your campaign performed. 

For example, when you run a paid ad campaign on Instagram, it is imperative to know how many views, clicks, and conversions your ads got. Good numbers of followers on your Instagram account help you to get more ROI and you can connect to sites that increase the number of your Instagram followers. You can check the impact of increment on your followers. Social media analytics will provide you with all these metrics to assess your campaign performance.

Social media analytics for your small business can give tangible feedback to measure the ROI and market impact of your campaigns. 

Simply put, it tells which of your campaigns were winners. And when you generate leads from social media, you can reach out to them via email marketing platforms and some email alternatives to use and nurture them. 

6. Helps You Stay Ahead of the Competition

It is always a good practice to keep an eye on the kind of activities your competitors are doing on social media channels.

Social media analytics can be used to analyze competitors’ data as well. And this will help you gather an understanding of what is working for them and what's not. 

And how is that going to help you? 

You can learn from their successes and failures and use these insights to fuel your own social media strategy. 

7. Effectively Maps Your Influencer Marketing Campaign

Digital marketers are in love with influencer marketing and chances are that you will use this technique in 2022 too. 

Influencers have the unique capacity to increase your brand visibility and provide social proof to your customers. They sure can create brand awareness.  They help each step of building brand equity for your business.

But is your influencer marketing campaign sparking conversations and generating leads for your brand? 

Social media analytics for your small business can help effectively map your influencer campaign. By determining which of the influencer posts garnered good responses, you can optimize your strategy to create more engaging posts. 

Ready to Leverage the Power of Social Media Analytics for Your Small Business?

It's time to leverage the power of social media analytics for your small business to plan highly effective and target-oriented marketing campaigns. 

From having a responsive web design to investing in the right CRM software, small businesses need to do a lot many things right to ensure growth. 

Social media analytics for your small business can help you craft the right strategy. Go on and prioritize social media analytics in your planning and see your campaigns deliver greater ROI for you. All the best!

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