8 Benefits of Cloud Based Software for Small Business

By David Fournier

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Moving your business operations to the cloud might seem daunting. However, the benefits of cloud-based software are so obvious that every company should be making this switch!

The technology world is constantly changing and it can be difficult, and costly, for small business to keep up. Cloud computing can seem like just another cost – but the reality is different. This is because cloud computing is already everywhere – your business’ social media accounts operate in the cloud and you’ll probably even control your finances in online banking, which is in the cloud. Furthermore, cloud-based software can provide small businesses with these amazing eight benefits.

1. Recover from problems quicker

Having your business’ data safe and secure is the main thing for any business. But errors and problems do occur and it’s crucial to be able to recover from them quickly. Cloud-based software allows this by making back-up recovery a much smoother process.

2. Keep software updated

To improve security and reduce the instances of errors, software must always be up to date with the latest updates. If your small business is using cloud-based software, this is easier because all software comes with automated software updates. The supplier will take care of it for you, allowing you to focus on other issues.

3. Pay for what you need and use

Cloud computing is a lot more cost efficient and it has allowed small businesses to compete with the big players within any industry. This is down to the fact that with cloud software, your business is only paying for the things you need and use. For example, payroll software for small business can be picked based on your actual employee numbers rather than having to pay for capability you don’t need. It doesn’t matter if your payroll has 10 or 200 people because you can grow your software needs accordingly.

4. Improve your collaboration capabilities

According to research, collaboration can improve productivity by over 40%. With cloud computing, this kind of collaboration will be easier. Cloud software makes it simple to share, manage workflow and integrate data from different sources. Your employees are more able to gain information and access. This can help them be better at their job, become more creative and spot problems quicker.

5. Control your data and who has access to it

Interestingly, cloud software for small business can improve data, especially document, control. You will be more able to monitor who has access to what data – when everything is centralized, it’s harder for it to get lost or be used the wrong way. You’ll also make it easier to be more transparent because you don’t have to worry about losing the data or having the wrong people access or manage it.

6. Provide more flexibility to your business

One of the key benefits of cloud-based software is the flexibility it offers. Cloud doesn’t tie you or your small business into a single location. You will be able to do business from all over the world. This kind of flexibility can also help with employee satisfaction and productivity. You can be in touch or use the expertise of talent from all over the world.

7. Enjoy better service and support

The truth is that most cloud-based software solutions offer higher quality service and support for small business. The IT infrastructure is not for you to deal with, ensuring that the problems you encounter will be fixed by your service supplier. This means that you can often solve the issues without really having to solve them at all – your service provider will look into the issues for you and help you figure out what the problem was.

8. Become more sustainable

Finally, it has to be mentioned how using cloud-based software can improve your small business’ eco-credentials. As the world has to start looking into climate change more seriously, companies definitely should do their bit. The good thing is that with cloud software, you’re already doing it. You are only using what you need in terms of energy, as well as reducing the need to print paper-versions for accessibility reasons, for instance.

Moving to the cloud is the key to business success

It isn’t, therefore, a stretch to say that moving to cloud-based software is essential for small business success. It has the power to boost productivity, save money and improve security, leveling the playing field and helping every company gain a competitive advantage over its competitors.

Whether it is social media management, recruitment or human resources in general, using cloud computing will help your small business. Simply look into the options

out there, understand your specific software needs and find the right products and services for you. The initial cost won’t break the bank and soon you’ll notice your business saving a lot of money anyway.  

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