8 Positive Uses for Social Media

By Ginger Abbot

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When people picture themselves or others using social media, they might picture leisure apps that negatively affect their lives. Although the apps can get a bad reputation, they can become sources of positivity depending on how you use them. This guide explains a few positive ways to use social media and how businesses can make these experiences happen.

1. Read Personal Accounts to Foster Empathy

There are many ways people can try positive uses for social media in their personal life. Social media can make a difference by platforming lived experiences that everyone can learn from. A flood damage company could interview a grateful client who lived through a hurricane and repaired their home successfully with a bit of help from an expert team.


Followers will empathize with that person’s experience while learning how that business helped transform their client’s life.

2. Communicate With People More Quickly

Direct messages are one of the best positive uses for social media in business industries. Messages establish personal connections with clients for one-on-one bonds that couldn’t form through traditional commercials or ads. You can answer questions for potential clients or address consumer complaints immediately.


Research shows that 42% of consumers expect a response from businesses in under an hour after messaging them about a concern. You’ll improve your customer service reputation by interacting with people through social media messages.

3. Talk About Mental Health Freely

People will also appreciate their favorite brands or companies more if they have personal connections formed through tough topics. Businesses could use their platforms to address things people might not talk about out loud, like mental health challenges.


Therapy clinics could post facts about depression or anxiety to help people recognize their behavioral patterns and get the care they need. Social media users will have a positive online experience because they feel seen and can receive help to improve their lives outside of the internet.

4. Connect With Support Groups

Social media apps are also places that create a global sober community and prevent relapses due to isolation. Anyone can join a virtual group to talk about their struggles and learn from others to maintain a lifestyle free of addictions. Messaging or chatting over video conferences will transform lives for anyone in recovery who uses social media.

5. Prepare for Higher Education

People of all ages can also use the internet to prepare for higher education. It’s one of the less recognized positive ways to use social media, but it’s still a significant experience to consider. Whether you’re a high school student or a full-time professional, you can follow numerous universities to learn more about them.


It’s a crucial step in preparing for further education because those social media accounts will help you learn more about student activities, alumni experiences, or application deadlines. Followers get a feel for each university without paying to visit for a day or two.

6. Learn Essential Job Skills

There are a few ways to learn job skills on social media, so think about what would benefit your career. You can learn how to write posts by watching brands utilize a preferred voice or posting schedule. You might also follow industry experts to learn relevant statistics for your upcoming career change.


Even if you only follow recruiters who post about interview skills, learning from professional accounts is one of the best positive uses for social media in business fields. You’ll prepare yourself more specifically for your dream job instead of hoping you’re ready for something new when the time comes to switch gears.

7. Discover Like-Minded People

People who are already employed can also use social media to their benefit. Find people in your industry to learn from their posts or connect with your co-workers. You could create a group for your team and others from other companies to meet like-minded people and make life more fun. The groups could schedule events like bowling practices or friendly golf tournaments so you get more from the career that you love.

8. Get More Locally Involved

Helping your community is one of the best positive uses for social media in your personal life. Follow family-owned businesses that post about local needs, like community food drives or clean-up volunteer opportunities. You’ll put down roots in your town by helping others, all because you started using social media for a better purpose.

Start Using Social Media Positively

There are so many positive ways to use social media. It all depends on what you want from your online presence. Follow accounts that could help you develop your career, get you more involved in your community, or encourage you to maintain your healthy lifestyle. You’ll find that your social media usage becomes one of the best parts of your routine.


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