How AI is Changing The Marketing Landscape

By Marcus Cook

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Everyone has their own definition of what Artificial Intelligence is. In its most basic form, AI is simply our attempt to replicate human intelligence in machines. We program computers to play chess and drive cars, and not at the same level as humans, but better.


Although we think of AI as something that only scientists at MIT have access to, it is actually something that is being integrated into businesses all over. Whether it is to analyze consumer trends, predict future demand, recommend personalized content or power customer chatbots, there is an AI solution for it all. The proliferation of AI tools for businesses has now created a massive shift in the marketing landscape.


Artificial Intelligence And Marketing

AI is being used more and more to boost the ROI of marketing campaigns by using big data and machine learning. With these insights, marketers can create more effective communication strategies with their customers. Let's explore some of the ways marketers can expect to see AI influence their marketing campaigns.


SEO And Content Curation

AI has now gotten so advanced it can both curate and generate content. As any content marketer or media outlet can attest, this takes up 90% of their workload. A few years back, The Washington Post started using their own artificial intelligence technology, Heliograf, which generated over 300 short reports on the Rio Olympics. In total, it produced over 850 pieces of content on the year.


There are also tools out there that can read your content and let you know if it is optimized for SEO before you submit it. Tools like Yoast make it so that you don't even need to understand SEO anymore, their AI will tell you what's wrong, how you can fix it, and they will even help improve your grammar.



Chatbots have changed the game for marketers. It is a straightforward way for companies to engage with customers and answer frequently asked questions. The impact this has on customer service is monumental. Studies have shown that 40% of consumers do not care whether a chatbot or a real human helps them, as long as they are getting help. This not only helps with customer satisfaction but it also dramatically reduces customer service costs. Over time, as chatbots get more and more intelligent, they may eliminate customer service costs entirely.


List Building

"The money is in the list," a term commonly said in the digital marketing community. List building is the process of compiling a database of potential leads interested in doing business with you. With AI, this process has become easier than ever. For example, Crazy Egg provides business owners with eye-tracking tools such as Heat maps, Scroll maps, and more to track users on their website. By doing this, business owners can better understand customers' interests, highlight what customers currently engage with, and understand why they don't engage with certain types of content.


Optin Monster is another tool that allows business owners to utilize machine learning and big data analysis to build their list. With Optin Monster, you can create beautiful, attention-grabbing opt-in forms that can allow you to grow your email list. Optin Monster does this by offering high converting campaign options like exit-intent popup forms, footer bars, scroll boxes, and more.


When Is The AI Revolution Coming

AI is now streamlining the cumbersome marketing tasks that businesses have struggled with for a long time. Everything from uncovering insights from new campaigns, optimizing your outreach, to customer service is now an effortless process. Over time, these AI solutions will become even more intelligent, as stated by Moore's law.


The AI revolution isn't coming, it is already here. Using advanced machine learning algorithms, companies can now leverage AI solutions that can take over most of the tedious tasks that marketers struggle with. All of this without any coding or development skills.


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Marcus is a serial entrepreneur, having started over 3 companies before the age of 23. He is currently the Founder and CEO of The Success Bug. The Success Bug is a business blog that strives to make entrepreneurship achievable through posts on success stories, start-up ideas, growth strategies, and more. You can follow The Success Bug on Instagram and LinkedIn.

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