How Social Media Can Save Your Business

By Ginger Abbot

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Social media is an effective marketing communication tool that you can use to help save your business. The power of social media today is truly remarkable. Popular platforms such as Facebook or Twitter allow you as a business owner to get creative and establish an authentic connection with your customers.


So how can social media save your business, exactly? First, let’s provide you with an overview of why social media matters in business. Then, you can begin to understand how it can boost a troubled company.

Why Social Media Is Important

Today, young adults are the highest percentage of active users on social media. According to Pew Research Center, 84% of U.S. adults in the 18-29 age bracket use at least one social media platform. Additionally, 72% of the public utilizes social media today.


With that in mind, social media has several ways for you to transform your business. By establishing your online presence in front of millions of customers, companies have the opportunity to grow exponentially.


Here are three areas showing how social media can help achieve growth:


  • Brand visibility: Social media turns out to be one of the most profitable digital marketing channels by promoting your brand awareness. You have the power to reach a broader target audience. Furthermore, businesses can apply a customer-centric approach in their social media strategy, which helps increase brand recognition significantly.
  • Drives customer engagement: Many consumers expect to experience consistency when dealing with brands. Social media can help drive customer engagement across channels, delivering a complete omnichannel customer experience.
  • Increases conversions: Social media interactions between customers and businesses are a growing trend. It can help increase sales and brand loyalty by using an effective social media strategy.


Now that you understand why social media is essential, here are several ways how social media can save your business.

1. Social Media Cuts Costs on Marketing

When a business owner is trying to keep their company operational, it's essential to cut costs wherever possible. As a result, many enterprises are shifting their digital marketing strategy by using social media as a cost-effective marketing tool.


When done correctly, social media campaigns can be efficient in advertising your business and increasing your brand presence. You can use social media to generate shares, views, and brand publicity through a one-time fee with the proper targeting techniques. Plus, you never know when a tweet or message can go viral, reaching thousands of people at little expense.

2. Establishes a Loyal Customer Base

Building customer loyalty is crucial to business success. When customers know of a brand they trust and love, they're willing to talk about it. Customers will recommend your product or service through word of mouth.


However, communication is always the key when it comes to establishing trust. So if customers have an issue, you can be sure to solve the problem through social media. By providing that type of value to the customer, they'll be willing to share their experiences with others.

3. Provides Better Customer Insight

Social media allows you to observe and listen to your customers. As you absorb this information, you have the ability to:


  • Align your content.
  • Target customers effectively.
  • Create another angle for communication.


To keep track of your customers, spend time browsing conversations online. You can also connect your Facebook business page to your website. This method will store cookies, which helps you track browsing habits.


Therefore, the information will permit your business to serve customers better through targeted brand messaging and product promotions.

Social Media Provides Endless Business Opportunities

Through the use of social media, your business has the opportunity to leverage growth. To ensure your company achieves a robust social media presence, stick with consistency and engage in conversations. Your commitment will provide a valuable return on investment.


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