How To Prepare For A Virtual Corporate Presentation

By Leonard Wills

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Working from home has been getting more popular lately as it shows effectiveness in productivity, even if employees are working in the comforts of their own homes. The new setup allows people to do things virtually as it’s more efficient and productive for everyone, including virtual corporate presentations.

Down are the days wherein people need to be physically available to discuss a new strategy or product in front of everyone. Luckily, there’s now a way that allows people to introduce what they have to present virtually, minimizing the need to travel and giving yourself more time to prepare. With virtual events for teams, it’ll provide convenience and maximum productivity.

Moreover, below are some ways on how to prepare for a virtual corporate presentation:  


Run Through Your Slides

There’s nothing more embarrassing and nerve-wracking than when you’re in the middle of your presentation, and the next slide isn’t in its best shape, or worse, contains embarrassing content. To keep your corporate presentation professional and masterly, you should run through your slides hours and minutes before your meeting. This way, you can double-check if there are any mistakes you need to address and avoid any humiliation from your peers.

As you run through the slides, you should carefully read everything on each page. This will help you correct any typographical error, along with content inaccuracy. Providing a clean and polished slide will help leave a good impression that you’ve done your homework and prepared yourself for the battle. Leaving mistakes on your slides can give off the wrong impression as they might assume that you’re not fully focused or you’re rushing into your visuals, which are highly important.


Create A Cheat Sheet

To create an effective flow of your virtual corporate presentation, it’d be helpful if you could create a cheat sheet, so you can keep yourself on track about your speech and what details you should include in your presentation. Ideally, your presentation should only include the essential information such as the charts, images, and other vital aspects of the topic. The rest should be coming from your mouth as too much text in the presentation might not provide an effective result.

Since you only include a few words on your slides, having a cheat sheet will help you stay on track with the flow of your discussion. This will allow you to move on to your following discussion easily and what specific areas you only need to talk about, so you can move freely on to your next. A cheat sheet would allow for better organization and understanding of the topic.


Practice, Practice, Practice!

A successful presentation is one that’s carefully planned out and practiced for. No matter how much you’ve tried to create the perfect slides, if you don’t practice the actual presentation, you might just find yourself getting lost in your words. The speech running through your head might be different when it comes out of your mouth. To help you achieve a successful presentation and speech, you should practice as much as possible.

Practicing allows you to see which areas of your speech you should remove and include. This will also help retain your speed since a person who doesn’t exactly know what to say will be nervous, forcing their tongues to speak faster. As you practice, you can use proper modulation and gather your thoughts well, allowing for an effective presentation. Creating a script would help you stay on track and exactly know what to say.


Prepare For Questions

After every presentation, there will be questions that you need to face. This way, you can help clear their thoughts about your discussion and see your input about how it’s beneficial and informational. Ideally, you should leave out at least 10 minutes of your period for the question and answer. The more questions were thrown at you, the more interested they were in your topic and would like to learn more about it.

After practicing your presentation, it’ll help if you could prepare for questions they might raise after your presentation. Ideally, you should have the exact details and numbers in hand to give a prompt answer and clarify any questions. Showing people that you’re prepared will leave a good impression that you exactly know what you’re doing.


Check For Technicalities

Virtual corporate meetings can really be tricky, especially since everything's online. To ensure a safe and smooth-sailing presentation, you should first check the technicalities of your device. This way, you can have an interruption-free discussion and allow everyone to understand what you’re trying to deliver fully.

For starters, you should check your internet connection’s stability. Losing an internet connection might force your presentation to be rescheduled, putting frowns on your audience’s faces. Moreover, you should also check your audio and speakers so you’d be able to understand everyone in the room. And lastly, checking the quality of your camera would help people see you clearly and allow for a better understanding of your facts and presentation.



Preparing for a virtual corporate presentation can be trickier as you also need to worry about the technicalities of your device. But with the right preparation, you should allow for a seamless discussion and let everyone have a fair share of their thoughts.

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