How To Use Live Chat To Grow Your Business

By Leonard Wills

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If you want to know how to use live chat to grow your business, this article presents a simple and easy-to-understand way.

Why learn about live chat? Whether you run a brick-and-mortar business or an online one, the answer is the same: using a live chat service will allow you to communicate with prospective customers and clients on a level that they will be comfortable with, which also fosters an open atmosphere where they can post any questions or comments.

Live chat support services are becoming extremely popular these days. As more consumers have been going online more frequently over the years, many are utilizing them daily. But first, what is a live chat?

Live Chat Support Explained

Live chat is an online tool that enables online users and website owners to communicate through the website’s chat communication services. The technology behind it is somewhat similar to other messaging apps wherein two individuals could communicate if they sign up for the same social media platform. However, live chats don’t require signing up to any platform, as they are easily accessible when seen on a company website’s homepage. Websites for banks, online sellers, and other service-oriented businesses have utilized live chat to directly talk with their customers if they have inquiries.

So, who are you talking to when you click that messaging app system? With companies, shops, or stores, live chats can be chatbot-operated or answered by live human support specialists. The former could have a special AI-type or artificial intelligence-run system wherein the bot sends preprogrammed messages based on the keywords or questions you’ll post in your chat. With the latter, though, you can talk with a human in a regular conversational manner.

When considering which type to install for your business, consult your web developer to help you set your live chat capability on your website. Automatic responders or chatbot responses can be integrated with ease, especially those with information-related replies to your products and services. Human and chatbot responses could also be combined in a live chat platform if you still want that human touch.



How Live Chat Can Support Your Growing Business

Live chat can be used to help you grow your customer base and engage with them. Many businesses have their chat services now where they are able to send out surveys or polls on any and every topic they want, which will allow customers to tell them what they’re interested in. This is but one way to utilize the messaging system aside from merely replying to queries.

Check out these other effective ways you can use live chat to grow your business.

- Advertising Enhancement

Live chat can be used as a marketing tool for advertising your business further. The first thing that people are going to notice on your website is that you have a live chat service, wherein they can use it to inquire about your business offerings. Once the customers are engaged in the live chat, you can then use it as a form of advertising to market your company better.

Other companies offer promotions and deals that allow them to encourage people, especially new visitors, to buy new products, as the customers are engaged via live chat. Talk to your web developer and decide what automatic promotions you can set up for customers who use your live chat service.

- Email Marketing Integration

Use the live chat feature to help increase your revenue by combining email marketing and live chat services. For example, if a visitor provided an email address through your live chat service, it should be able to capture the data and allow your system to automatically send an email (e.g., an appreciation note or buyer’s guide email) to the customer for follow-up. It’s a great way to generate sales qualified leads (SQL) to get consumers who are ready to avail of your products and services but need a little push.

- Offer Convenient And Cost-effective Support

With live chat support, you can offer excellent customer service. Many online companies actually have their own live chat service as a backup to phone customer support, helping them reach out to loyal customers and more potential customers.

Online users are free to express themselves without having to call your toll number and talk to a human voice at the other end of the line. Furthermore, you can easily take care of customer complaints by addressing their inquiries faster. Most chat services offer 24/7 access, so it could become your most cost-effective and quicker means to resolve all sorts of queries as it helps the customer communicate with you in real-time. No more irate customers waiting to be addressed; they can even appreciate your care when addressed immediately.


Using live chat support, you can grow your business by reaching more audiences and promoting your business through this communication channel. Run promotions and offer exciting prizes by holding contests through live chat, too. It’s very convenient to use, and customers can easily access it using a computer or smartphone. No harm in trying it!

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