How Your Company Branding Impacts Recruitment

By Nate Vickery

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Attracting the best people to work for your company isn’t exactly the easiest task. It stands to reason that a good salary is of the paramount importance for all potential employees, but people want more than money, so if you want to attract and keep a productive, motivated, and happy workforce, you need to go the extra mile.
A positive work environment paired with a cool office can be a big plus, and if you offer flexible work hours as well as a telecommuting option, your candidates will definitely be glad to be on your team. Still, there’s one more thing that is less tangible, but that tremendously impacts recruitment efforts – branding.

A matter of prestige

Consistent branding will make your company recognizable, and subsequently, employees will feel privileged to work for you. People respect quality brands and sometimes they’re more likely to accept a job with a reputable company even if the salary is lower. They believe that such companies offer more opportunities for personal growth and professional development, and that’s what makes them highly desirable. Google, Apple, and Facebook have mastered their branding and that’s why a job in any of these tech giants is a dream come true for employees all around the globe.
When it comes to brand building you shouldn’t leave anything to chance and everything should be taking into account. Some studies have shown that local agencies are better at creating a brand for local clients. So if your business is from Melbourne, for an example, it’s always a good idea to have your brand strategy developed by a Melbourne based digital agency.

Internal branding

Just like it’s important to present your company to your customers in the most favorable light, it’s crucial to do the same with your current employees. If you treat them with respect and make them ambassadors of your brand, they’ll quickly spread the word. Let’s put it this way: when you want to hire an employee, you always ask to see their references and letters of recommendation; the same goes for your candidates as they ask around and scrutinize your company, which means that your current employees can play a vital part in a recruitment process.
Their level of satisfaction with the company is essential for establishing an impeccable employer reputation. If we bear in mind that according to surveys almost 85% of jobs are filled through networking, it’s clear that companies need to pay more attention to internal branding if they want to be able to hire the best people.

Social media channels

Nowadays, brands have managed to get as close to their customers as possible and social networks are responsible for that. This is great for feeling the pulse of your audience and gaining insight into their opinions, but on the other hand, if you don’t properly harness your social media presence, social media channels could damage your reputation. Interactivity and real time communication mean that you’ll have to deal with some negative feedback.
By handling such situations professionally and efficiently you’ll show that your company is strong and capable of overcoming crises. This is extremely important, as your candidates will most certainly browse through your website and social media channels, and that’s how they form the first impression about your company, so do your best to make it a memorable one.

Intrigue passive candidates

A lot of talented and skillful workers aren’t actively looking for another job at the moment. They might be satisfied with their current position, which means that they don’t even bother to listen to an offer that’s average. In other words, if you want to attract those passive candidates, you need to nail your branding and really sell yourself.
Companies that fail at branding can only scrape the bottom of the barrel, which in turn leads to a drop in quality. By raising brand awareness and building a stellar brand that is widely recognized, you’ll find it much easier to convince talented people to consider a career change and join your company.

Highlight your company principles

Your branding efforts should also make your company principles and vision clear. In order to attract the best candidates, you need to establish what your company’s corporate values are and stick to them no matter what. This will motivate all your employees, give them a sense of purpose and direction, and make them realize that their contribution is important, regardless of what their role in the company is. If your employees know what exactly is expected of them, and feel that their hard work is valued, you can be sure that they’ll bend over backwards to achieve your mutual goal.

As you can see, branding isn’t essential only for winning over your customers, but your employees, too.

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