Killer Social Media Tips for Realtors Who Really Mean Business

By Chloe Taylor

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Fitting in the time to engage in social activities may seem the least of their concern, but in this day and age, such an approach undermines the long-term success of realtors. In fact, having a strong social presence ensures relevancy, helps agents acquire more leads, and allows them to reach a large audience.

Social media has made a big splash across many industry sectors and it is crucial for any kind of business to be where their customers are. The good news is that there’s a host of amazing tools and tactics that can make your life easier and give you more bang for your buck.

Content marketing

Content is the king of the online realm, and not just any content. A stream of quality posts goes a long way in building and growing an audience. Many realtors and real estate companies recognize the value it has and waste no time setting up their own blogs.

One of the best examples is The Hub 4122, where people can find local news, events, and a slew of guest posts from other businesses. An army of devoted followers demonstrates that content marketing pays dividends even when it primarily addresses issues outside the core business area, such as lifestyle, customer interests, market updates, etc.

The power of the visual

To cut through the noise in the social media ecosystem, you have to stand out and speak with a distinctive voice. The best way to do it is using high definition photos and videos that always seem to steal the show. They are proven to organically boost Google rankings and drive more traffic.

Furthermore, recent studies show that posts that include a quality picture (a stunning property shot, for example) gain way more traction on all major networks. Also, note that video marketing has entered a new, exciting stage, with live features on Snapchat, Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter.

All within the community

There is a broad array of tactics that ensure a presence in the community and boost visibility. Socializing in the digital world may be even more important than in the real world. So, here are some ideas. Clarify what it is that you do and explain your advanced commercial property management services in a casual fashion.

Write about that new community center in the neighborhood and underline the benefits it offers. Ask questions about community problems, hold contests, and support local events. Promote the culture of your city and become its recognizable, distinguished figure.

Open the lines of communication

Communicating via apps like Messenger is a preferred way to stay in touch of a growing number of customers, especially younger ones. Nowadays, phone calls and text messages do not cut it: research shows that people expect realtors to be present on social media and use it on a regular basis.

Therefore, stay on top of the shifting consumer preferences and embrace the way newer generations interact. Of course, one does not have to use strictly communication tools to convey a message. For instance, it is possible to create a Pinterest Board and let your audience know about a new real estate listing.

Tools of the trade

Social tools are a true blessing and one of the best out there is IFTTT. It is a powerful platform for streamlining and organizing not only your social activities, but your life as well.  IFTTT is all about productivity automation and it works miracles for those who post across multiple social channels. Namely, users utilize custom rules and conditional statements to structure their efforts.

Likewise, Hootsuite is another tool that comes in handy when you deal with multiple accounts on different social hubs. It saves a ton of time and allows agents to manage, schedule, and measure engagement.

Problem solved, a lead gained  

The social landscape is full of people who vent their frustration, seek help, and want to educate themselves. Being a problem-solver is a nice way to prove your value and become a trusted source of information. Holli Beckman started offering help to people and in a month, she managed to drive 100 leads for her company.

The beauty of it is that such an accomplishment did not cost her a dime, just her time and effort. Similarly, tweeting tips about moving and staging is something that this type of audience likes to see and react to. Ultimately, this pays off, as you increase engagement and spur much-needed word-of-mouth marketing.

Social is the name of the game

The surge in social media has changed the real estate game. It is high time to tool up and take your marketing and customer service to a whole new level. Master the art of visual storytelling and kick your branding into overdrive. Bear in mind that content provides an invaluable social currency to realtors and brands.

This strategy is a surefire way to connect on a meaningful level, build trust, and amplify your messages. So, show that you care about your clients. Win over their hearts and minds and enjoy an influx of shares, likes, and comments. Rest assured that they have a strong impact on your bottom line.

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