The Importance of Employee Involvement in Social Media Marketing

By Ray O’Donnell

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Employees have a better knowledge of their company's purpose and how their unique role supports the company when they promote brand initiatives on social media. Advocates will feel a greater connection to the organization, which will help with employee retention.

By involving employees in social media, you may reach out to your target market through the people they are most likely to trust. At the same time, it allows employees to show off their pride in the company and their knowledge of the industry.

Social media become a very important channel for promoting your business. A successful social media strategy always generates good business ROI for your business. You need to follow the right social media tactics to get desired results for your business.

Although, some companies don't allow social media during working hours to increase employee productivity. It creates conflict among the employees but it can be resolved with the help of professional conflict resolution training courses. You can purchase any relevant course for your team who are responsible to resolve the conflict.

These types of courses help to create more professionalism among the employees and they will use social media in positive ways and defiantly, it will help you a lot in your employee advocacy program. 

Employee Engagement for a Company

Employee engagement and a good employee advocacy campaign with the help of the best employee advocacy platforms will quickly boost your brand’s social media reach. Rather than paying for social media ads on a regular basis or employing an expensive influencer, have employees who already work for your company and are familiar with your brand promote initiatives to their followers.

There are a variety of reasons why this method works so well, but at the end of the day, it all comes down to trust.

The social listening strategy should develop by keeping in mind your target audience and when a brand's social media account makes a post about itself, you're more likely to treat it the same way you would an ad.

When one of your friends or someone you follow posts about a company, even if it's one where they work, you don't see it the same way. You already know and appreciate this individual, and you believe what they say.

Because people trust other individuals more than brands or advertisements, thus posts from real people get a lot more engagement. You can leverage smm panel to get all social media services in one place.

According to the Marketing Advisory Network, employee-shared social media posts reach 561% more people than brand-shared communications. 

People share brand messages 24 times more often when they are posted by employees than when they are posted by brand accounts, according to the same study.

Some outcomes of increased reach through employee advocacy are similar to those of paid commercials or influencers.  It improves your social media presence, generates more leads, and expands your business options. Your happy employees always share good stuff as return rewards and it boosts the company brand image in the market.

Make Social Media Strategy for Employees

Employee participation in social media marketing is a long-term process that takes more than passion. To gain the benefits of employee advocacy on social media, you must plan, implement, and update your strategy.

To determine which employees are best suited to promote you on social media, eNPS (employee net promoter score) is an important metric to consider. These employees can help build a positive reputation for your business.

Develop an effective social media strategy and it should not be delegated to a single person; rather, it should be a collective effort rather than a single point of view so that your organization is suitably portrayed on social media.

Since 2019, influencer marketing has been quite popular in the United States. Currently, it is used by approximately 69.9% of US marketers working for major corporations.

Influencer marketing is used by over 100 people insignificant marketing businesses, who rely on its attributes to get results. Today, several mobile app development companies also using social media marketing to attract their customers to newly launch smartphones.

Benefits of Employee Involvement in Social Media

Giving employees the ability to publish company content increases your brand's social media presence across all platforms, while also increasing engagement with an audience and your employees.

The following are some additional advantages of employee social media engagement:

1. Boost Your Sales

According to the study "a 7% boost in word-of-mouth advocacy unlocks 1% greater company growth," Furthermore, it has been found that 78% of salespeople who use social selling exceed their quotas and outsell their competitors.

Visual marketing is a great option for small business owners to boost their brand awareness and business. GIFs, Infographics, Videos, infographics, etc. are the types of visual marketing. For quick updates and more engagement, they can create timelines and add them to their social media platforms.

2. Try to Develop Trust

Research shows that 92% of consumers say "word-of-mouth and recommendations from people they know" are the most influential factors in their purchasing decisions.

Only 37% of people believe in search engine ads, while only 24% believe in internet banner ads. When employees post information about a company on social media, their followers are more likely to believe it than when the company releases the same information.

3. Cost-Effective

You save money by not having to pay for any additional resources when you use staff to help in posting social media content. This collaboration has minimal risk and a high potential return.

Also, Social media analytics offer valuable data that marketers can use to measure audience growth and engagement with your business.

Human Resource Take Advantage of Employee Engagement

Employees have a better knowledge of the company’s mission and how their specific role supports their company when they promote initiatives on social media.

Advocates will feel a greater connection to the organization as a result, which will help with employee retention. When employees use social media to communicate and promote information about open opportunities at their company.

It leads to a stronger applicant pool. 44.5% of people say they are more likely to apply for a job that a friend posts on social media than if they see the same opening posted on a job board. 

This relates to the idea of putting your trust in your friends and individuals you follow rather than a business or an advertisement. You should listen to your friend’s recommendations if they tell you that they like the company they work for and promote it to their followers.

With that in mind, having your employees suggest your company as a wonderful place to work and publicizing an open position is extremely beneficial to your Human Resources department.


An increasing number of companies are recognizing the numerous advantages of employee engagement, it would be good for your firm to explore an employee engagement social media program as well.

With 50% of employees currently posting messages, photographs, or videos about their employers on social media, it's critical to ensure that this communication is positive for your business. 

By utilizing employee engagement, you can not only encourage your staff to become brand champions, but you can also encourage consumers to become interested in your company.

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