The Social Media Industry is Changing With Superspeed: How to Keep Up?

By Ellie Yantsan

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It isn't easy to stay up to date with everything all the time. A lot of things change overnight and keeping track of everything is sometimes quite challenging. The largest number of changes occur with social platforms. Developers regularly update the design, add new features, and much more. 

Through social platforms, brands can communicate with customers, receive feedback, keep an eye on competitors, find prospects, inform customers about new products, and much more. In addition, social platforms provide various advertising formats for businesses to gain visibility. Thus, the ability to capture innovations promptly and adjust their social media strategy is especially important for those businesses that want to stay relevant. 

When you have a large company with many marketing and salespeople, it's easier for you to keep up with everything that's going on. However, if we are talking about small businesses, then innovations can be noticed quite late. Because of this, companies can lose their competitiveness. 

If you want social platforms to work for you, you need to learn about changes in all possible ways. We'll talk about what you can do to keep up to date with what's new with social platforms. 

Top tips for companies 

Stay tuned for social platforms’ releases 

You should find ways how you can get the latest news directly from the platforms. Each social platform informs all users promptly when updates and changes are released. However, not all users follow the innovations of the platforms. 

Thus, you need to find sources for each network. Here are your direct sources: 

  1. Instagram. The company invites users to follow the news of the platform using their blog. In the blog, the company reports on any innovations that may concern both ordinary users and content creators and businesses. In addition, in their blog, they share not only announcements but also talk about top tips and tricks that each user can use for their needs; 
  2. TikTok. You can view any updates, as well as news if you look in their newsroom. There you will find everything that may be of interest to your company. Apart from this, you can find out about the latest highlights that have aroused interest among users. This is a great way to learn about popular types of content among users, as well as find influencers you might want to work with in the future; 
  3. Facebook. This platform also has a newsroom where you can find out about news from different categories. Here you can find information not only about Facebook but also about Messenger, Instagram, WhatsApp, and others;
  4. LinkedIn. The platform offers to check out all the updates in their pressroom, where you can find out the latest news as well as the company's plans for the coming year. In addition, you can stay up to date with the latest news from various industries. If you visit a LinkedIn News account, you'll be able to stay up to date on important events in your industry. 


Expand your reach 

Given that new platform features do not keep you waiting long, if you use innovations for the benefit of your company, you should quickly expand your reach. Social platforms are used by businesses not only to advertise their services and products but also to find potential buyers. 

If you make the most of these platforms, you can quickly connect with prospects. In such cases, it is important to quickly get in touch with interested users. To speed up the process, you should get a local phone number, which will allow you to start cold calling from anywhere in the world. Even if your company does not have a branch office in the specific region where your potential buyer is located, you can use a local phone number to earn the prospect's trust. 

Be in touch with influencers 

On each platform, you will find many creatives who become popular through their content. It is important to have friendly relations with such persons, as it allows businesses to expand their reach. Platform users are much more likely to listen to an influencer than to a no-name expert. 

However, it also pays to be on friendly terms with creatives to learn about the latest trends. These people earn income from what they create and publish. It is equally important for them to keep abreast of the latest news. Thus, if you have a friendly relationship with influencers, you can also quickly learn about new features of social platforms, as well as trends in each of these media. They will be able to inform you about what type of content is popular at any given time, and you can create attractive collaborations with them to find new customers. 

Subscribe to social media and marketing experts 

It's no secret that the official announcements of the platforms may be known later than the changes themselves come into force. If you do not have a team that monitors the slightest changes on the platforms, you can follow the experts who quite often notice innovations much earlier than we learn about them from official sources. 

You can find such experts on a variety of social platforms. They have a huge subscriber base who also rely on their expert opinions. You can subscribe to the following experts: 

  • Jay Baer; 
  • Sean Gardner; 
  • Ann Handley; 
  • Kim Garst; 
  • Neil Patel. 

By following their activity in the online world, you can learn a lot of useful information that will help improve your marketing. In addition, you will quickly learn about insights that you can use to benefit your business. 

Don't forget about your direct competitors 

It's great to have a database of reliable sources from which you can get the latest news. However, business leaders are well aware of how important it is to always be on the lookout and never forget to keep an eye on their competitors. 

Since everyone is online, it's much easier to keep track of what your opponents are doing. They may also have sources of information that you may not have. Therefore, if you carefully study their accounts, you can find something useful for your business. 

In addition, you should also follow them to be aware of what format of content they are promoting and how successful it is. You can find inspiration for your strategy. It is not worth copying, but you can do your best to use their idea to enhance your strategy. 

Take advantage of the time your employees spend on social platforms 

Regardless of whether you have a large staff or not, each of them uses social networks daily. Some people watch TikTok after work for fun. Someone flips through their Facebook and Instagram feeds during their lunch break. You have dozens of eyes that can just as easily learn about what’s going on.  

To use this knowledge effectively, you can hold weekly meetings with your employees to find out what they notice. You can also create a separate email address where your employees can send their observations if you do not have enough time for daily or weekly video calls with the team. They can easily notice which posts are relevant and popular right now, which hashtags are used most often, how long videos should be, and so on. 


In an era of rapidly developing social platforms, your company may not have time to learn about all the innovations promptly. However, if updates on social platforms are not always critical for ordinary users, then business representatives must keep track of all the innovations. These platforms are particularly important for all businesses, from large to medium and small. 

With the help of such platforms, you can take your marketing to the next level. To stay competitive, you need to get new information from a variety of sources. These can be social media experts, influencers and creatives, social media news teams, and your employees. 


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