Top Reasons to Say YES to Team Building Events

By Alice Berg

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Team building is a broad term that covers collaborative group activities aimed at strengthening working relationships. As an employer, team building events can help you boost an essential aspect of your company – its workers.

Regardless of size or structuring, every company can benefit from team building activities. That means you should consider incorporating these exercises if you intend to keep productivity at optimal, whether you have five or 1000+ employees. However, you should invest in well thought out team building activities to reap its benefits.

Many employers perceive time taken off work as lost revenue. But in reality, allocating out of the workplace for your team to participate in a fun bonding activity will bring your company valuable impacts. Here find a couple of benefits of team building that will definitely work out!

Permits Employees to Really Interact

So, why is team building important? Perhaps the immediate impact of a fun team building exercise is that workers will know and understand each other better than before. And that will, in turn, improve cohesion in the workplace. While workers will typically spend a lot of time near each other at work, they don’t really get to know one another well on a personal level as most of the time is spent doing their designed tasks. Most of their conversations are about work. Team building can help colleagues make meaningful connections.  

Boosts Employee Engagement and Motivation

Employee engagement is an important determinant of overall company performance. In fact, surveys have shown companies with more engaged employees register two and a half times more revenue than competitors with diminished engagement levels. That said, you can increase engagement in your team by conducting fun and meaningful team building events such as:

  • Professional development workshops;
  • Karaoke;
  • Quest games;
  • Sports tournaments;
  • Volunteer activities.

Instead of sitting in an office every day all year round, employees can participate in new and interesting exercises once in a while. Whether it is nurturing a skill, participating in a sport, or traveling, companies will have happy and more engaged workers if they incorporated some fun activities.

Connects Workers from Different Departments

If there’s one challenge that most medium and large companies face, it’s making departments communicate and work seamlessly alongside each other. The problem, usually, is that individuals in these departments do not know each other or don’t often interact in-person. One way to break down invisible company silos and create bridges between various departments is to organize cross-departmental team building events.

Shows Employees They Are Valued

How much is employee appreciation worth? Well, according to a recent poll, at least 76% of employees who do not feel valued at their workplace are looking for other opportunities. So, making your workforce feel that you recognize their contribution and efforts can help you retain them.

While there are many ways to reward specific employees based on their performance, organizing a team building event is an excellent way to appreciate the entire workforce. Such an event can help employees to network, build friendships, and as a result, create better team relations.

Builds a Good Company Culture 

Developing a great work culture at work is also one of the good reasons to embrace corporate team building events. See, during these functions, workers from various departments in an organization will interact during fun activities, fostering cohesion, and engagement, which go a long way in helping companies to retain the best minds. Moreover, the majority of recruiters today bank on their team-building efforts to give them an edge during the hiring process. 

According to a recent survey by Jobvite, 88% of job seekers cite company culture as at least of relative importance when seeking a specific occupation. 46 percent of this group says that it is essential. 

When it comes to employee retention, a study by Tiny Pulse revealed that workers who rate their culture poorly are 24 percent more inclined to leave their organizations within a year. In light of these statistics, it makes sense to remedy unpleasant company culture through any means possible, including team building initiatives. 

Nurtures Trust and a Sense of Transparency 

Team building activities help in promoting trust in the workplace. For example, during a karaoke event, lower and mid-level workers can interact with each other as well as senior executives freely. This way, people can discover the faces behind various positions in the office, fostering familiarity, and in the workplace. With time, this newfound closeness will blossom into trust, which, in turn, promotes transparency. 

Promotes Teamwork 

If you want to increase teamwork within your organization, then you need to look no further than team building events. No matter the type of company, these functions have proven to be quite useful when it comes to fostering communication and cooperation in the workplace. Nonetheless, for a desirable result, it makes sense to adopt excellent exercises as far as teamwork development goes.  

Facilitates Cooperation and Communication 

Team building events help workmates discover the best ways to communicate with each other. Apart from that, they help them learn about each other’s strengths and weaknesses, which goes a long way in assisting them to learn how to work together to achieve a common objective. 

Strengthens Bonds Among Team Members 

The professionalism that most workplaces demand tends to restrain the interaction between workmates. As such, it becomes quite challenging to forge any strong and meaningful partnerships at work. However, with team building activities, companies can help break the professional barriers between co-workers, fostering accessibility, and better interpersonal relationships at work. 

Effective team building will offer tons of benefits to organizations. However, when dealing with this issue, it helps to adopt an approach that suits your organization. For instance, if you are planning to introduce this, it makes sense first to tell your employees about the importance of team building. Only after that can you consider various fun activities to partake in outside the office.

About the author:

Alice Berg is a career advisor at ResumeEdge, who helps people to find their own way in life, gives career advice and guidance, helps young people to prepare for their careers. You can find Alice on Twitter.

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