Top Tools to Create and Manage Content When Doing Affiliate Marketing

By Jessica - FlexClip

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Content is the core element of every form of marketing today, including Affiliate Marketing. Content takes many forms from text, images or videos, etc. Compelling content helps to attract readers and easily directs them to the actions we want. However, with so many types of content, how can you effectively build and manage them in an Affiliate Marketing campaign


If you also face this problem, the following article will be for you. Through this article, we will bring you a list of tools to use to create and manage the content of an Affiliate Marketing campaign. Let's find out together.

Top tools to support content creation when doing Affiliate Marketing

Content creation simply means creating a variety of content to serve your customers. Do not be too narrow in thinking that the content is just dry articles. Content actually includes many other formats such as images, videos or even infographics, etc. A few tools suggested below will help you do this. They are all very easy to use and suitable for non-specialists. These tools often have free-to-use versions so you can experiment and evaluate before deciding to stick with them. 


  1. Photo design tools

You don't have to be a professional designer to create stunning photos. With just a few drag and drop operations, you can design your favorite image in just a few minutes. That's exactly what a photo design tool like Canva can deliver. There is another solution that is similar to Canva, which is FotoJet, and Colorcinch. You can use both of these tools in combination for the best results.


1.1.1 Advantages

  • Simplicity: With Canva, your job is simply to choose the templates available on the platform, change the text to suit your brand/product and that's it. Photos can be exported in various formats (even pdf with the paid version).
  • Diversity: There are many templates corresponding to today's popular needs for you to choose from, such as Facebook cover photos, Avatar images, logos, etc. You can even customize your size to suit your needs through the custom sizing feature at Canva. After choosing the right size, the next thing is to choose a template and design a simple Drag - Drop as above.


1.1.2 Disadvantages

  • Professionalism: Due to the use of available templates, most of the designs through Canva are mainly images that are not too complicated and do not have many details. That means it will be difficult to manipulate if you want to design a photo with your own style completely. At this time, professional design software such as Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator will be a more suitable.


1.2. Infographic Builder

Infographic is a form of bringing content to readers through visual images instead of dry text. The content included in the Infographic is usually condensed and intuitive so that the reader can easily grasp the main ideas. There are many tools that can help you do this, and DesignCap is one of our favorite free tools.


1.2.1 Advantages

  • Free: DesignCap has a free version that allows you to create and maintain 5 Infographics simultaneously. With the free version, this tool is suitable for individuals who do not often create Infographics. Conversely, consider the paid version if you often work with these infographics.
  • Variety of formats: In addition to Infographics, there are many other options such as flyers, posters or templates related to social media. You can find everything you need to create engaging content for your Affiliate Marketing campaign.


1.2.2 Disadvantages

  • The template is somewhat monotonous: If you want Infographics to be "messy, " DesignCap may not be right for you. Most of the templates this platform offers have a fairly minimalist design in terms of colors and images.


1.3. Video Creation Tool

Similar to images, you can also create your own promotional videos without in-depth knowledge of the video marketing strategy and editing skills. All operations are as simple as scripting and dragging and dropping frames to suit the scenario you have prepared.

There are different types of videos for you to choose from, the most popular of which are regular introductory videos and animation videos. Corresponding to these two forms, we can use two tools, FlexClip and Powtoon.


1.3.1 Advantages

  • Simple operation: Never before have you found creating a video so simple and easy. Your job is to prepare a good enough and compelling script. Turn it into a video and let FlexClip and Powtoon take care of it. Of course, to create an attractive video and a good script, you also need a little aesthetic.
  • Free: We recommend these two tools partly because they have a free version. Although you are not granted as many features as the paid version, it is enough for personal needs in creating content to be an affiliate.


1.3.2 Disadvantages

  • Copyright restrictions: Both tools embed their logos in your videos with the free version by default. It will be quite annoying when you see this. So either you accept it if you want to use it. Or you can spend money to upgrade to the paid version to solve this problem.
  • Difficult to customize at will: The common disadvantage of online tools of this type is that it is almost impossible for you to customize other than the templates that the tool provides. That is, if you want to create a "only you" video, this tool is not suitable. This usually only applies when you have a staff specializing in video editing with "terrible" software like Adobe Premiere.


Complete content for each Affiliate Marketing campaign will sometimes be a combination of all of the above types of content. If you have so much content, how can you manage and distribute it to potential viewers? The answer to this question will be answered in detail in the next part of this article.


Tools to support content management

Websites and social networks are two of the most popular online platforms today. Based on this factor, we will bring you the most useful tools you can use to manage and distribute your content effectively.


2.1. Website Content Management Tool

There are many ways for you to manage content for a website depending on the complexity of its content. Assuming that large newspaper sites with high traffic and many articles, they will usually build their content management tool (Content Management System - CMS ).

However, for single individuals, choosing a free third-party CMS will help them be more optimal in terms of cost and operation. According to some statistics, 67% market share of CMS is currently in the hands of the WordPress platform. So if you are a newbie in this field, if you are looking for a CMS that is right for you, we recommend you to choose and experience WordPress.

I think we can also link to Beaver Builder where it talks about using a WordPress page builder that would work.


2.1.1 Advantages

  • Ease of use: From the installation to the editing operations on WordPress, everything is optimized to bring the perfect user experience. Even when you sign up for a Hosting service, they support you in integrating this tool so that you can initialize and use it with just a few mouse clicks.
  • Support for SEO standards: WordPress itself allows integrating a lot of tools to help users create articles according to current SEO standards, such as Rank Math or Yoast SEO. These tools have a list of criteria to meet, and it is up to you to edit your content to meet those criteria.


2.1.2 Disadvantages

  • No customization allowed: WordPress gives you an off-the-shelf platform to create and manage content. This means you won't be able to create your custom content formats. You can only do this with the CMS systems you make yourself.
  • Security: The WordPress platform allows users to integrate many different tools to increase the usefulness of content management. However, this brings security risks. These can be dangerous sources of infection if you install tools of unknown origin.


2.2. Social media content management tool

Your brand appears on a number of different social networking platforms such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, etc. Every time you put the same content on the above platforms, you will have to repeat the same job many times. So how do you manage and distribute content at the same time on these platforms? Buffer is one of the solutions to help you do that.

With Buffer, you can publish one piece of content to multiple platforms simultaneously. You can even monitor and measure the level of interaction at those platforms on a single interface. Hootsuite is a popular social media scheduling tool that also provides content creation and management features, allowing you to plan and create your content in one place.


2.2.1 Advantages

  • Manage multiple platforms in a single interface: The same content you can publish on various platforms simultaneously without having to manually do it on each platform. You can schedule posts for the content you want with a social media management tool.
  • Analyze the effectiveness of content: This feature makes it easy to track interactions based on each article on each platform. Thereby helping you create more intuitive and grounded reports to improve the efficiency of your content creation work.


2.2.2 Disadvantages

  • Cost: Buffer allows users to use the free version but limits some features. You can only manage up to 3 social channels per account, or you will be charged up to $12/month for more than that. If you often use it, consider subscribing to the paid version to experience the strengths of this tool.



Creating interesting and engaging content in every Affiliate Marketing campaign will directly affect your revenue share. The tools we have listed above will help you build and manage a rich series of content without requiring you to have in-depth knowledge and skills in the field of design and operation. We hope you get a lot of value from this article, and please share it if you find it useful.


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