Twitter Polls and 10 More Ways to Boost Engagement on Twitter

By Ray Slater Berry

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Twitter Polls are quickly becoming a go-to content form to increase your social media engagement rates. 

Twitter polls are often a low barrier to entry, encourage interaction, and deliver on instant gratification social media users are so accustomed to—enabling poll takers to see results instantly after voting. 

In this article, we’ll get in-depth into Twitter polls and how you can use them to boost your brand’s Twitter engagement. We’ll also share 10 more alternative ways you can build engagement on Twitter—some of which you may not have considered! 

To support this, we’ll use real-life examples from brands taking flight on Twitter. Read on; you’re in for a tweet

How to boost engagement with Twitter Polls

Twitter polls are an engagement hack many brands are capitalizing on. But, how can you ensure your poll flies, not flops? Here are some of our favorite Twitter polls from recent months, and why they work so well. 

Codility: for getting controversial 

 Nothing grabs attention more than a little bit of controversy. Of course, keep it in good faith and in line with your product and brand. However, if you can post a poll that sparks opinion, you’ll be more likely to get people to respond to it. 

Hit a passion point and watch those engagement rates rise. 

Airtable: for providing a low barrier to entry

Another easy way to help you get your brand trending on Twitter, or at least among your users, is to keep your polls accessible. 

When you have a low barrier to entry, it doesn’t require much thought process from scrollers or need them to have experienced much more than the average product user. 

Airtable does this well, and the results show.

Revolut: for expanding on Twitter poll results

 Polls don’t need to be a one-off piece of content, never to see the light of screens again. Twitter threads are a great way to resurrect old content and add more depth to your tweets. 

The banking app, Revolut, gives followers polls within polls—expansions of data—which helps surge old poll results while building a narrative around their findings. 

Allianz: for finding out what their community is passionate about 

The last way to win more engagement from your Twitter polls is to show your followers that you care about what they care about. Get to know them a little more. 

Financial services company, Allianz, does a great job of understanding its followers, and its followers are happy to share insights. No doubt, the results of this poll will further inform their social media content strategy. 

That’s Twitter Polls covered. Let’s dive into ten extra ways you can get better engagement on Twitter. 

Build engagement rates with these ten Twitter tactics

1. Empower followers to learn more, like Attest

Attest does a great job of expanding its partnerships and events onto social media. The consumer research platform runs events around qualitative metrics, product-led growth, and more. 

They then share event content from their partners and empower their followers to learn more on their own.

2. Thread your blog like FloDesk

Our next engagement strategy is to thread your blog and number your posts. FloDesk has been threading its blog for a while now, and it acts as a great resource hub for new followers. 

The team will share tweets like: “Click here to find some SamCart alternatives,” or “Give them relevant updates on your product & services.” They then pin this thread to the top of their profile for maximum exposure.

3. Provide share-worthy content like ChartMogul


When you’re not engaging with people on the platform, you’ll need to meet people off the platform and provide them with content barriers that will push them back to your profile. 

ChartMogul does this very well with the content they provide its users. It’s share-worthy and wins them a ton of traction on Twitter among relevant communities.

4. Use humor like MailChimp

If you can get humor right, humor will do right for you. Of course, it needs to be on-brand, and culturally appropriate. 

MailChimp is a great example of how to get things right. The email marketing platform shares short tweets that focus on user paint points. #Relatable.

5. Provide audience-specific content like Userlist

Your social content can expand far beyond your product and what your company offers. When you truly understand your users, you’ll be able to provide them with the information and resources they need—without actually selling it. 

Userlist does exactly this in our example, sharing relevant podcasts they think their followers may enjoy. Make your Twitter account a go-to resource for your followers to benefit from, and they’ll thank you with engagements.

6. Celebrate your wins like us!

There is absolutely no harm in celebrating your success and ramping up your employer branding on Twitter. As long as you stay humble, company success posts tend to do well among your followers—check out this one from us! 

7. Champion and credit power users like Adobe

Adobe does a great job of championing its power users. Whether you discover who they are through an NPS survey, or your social media management tool highlights them for you, capitalize on their dedication to your brand! 

Highlight and thank your power users, and it will encourage them to do more for your Twitter account in the future. 

8. Use infographics like Gartner 

Take your Twitter polls a step further and transform them into infographics! Show your Twitter community that you take their opinion seriously and translate their feedback into insights everyone can learn from.

Infographics are attention-grabbing pieces of content that tend to win high engagement rates. 

9. Put a negative spin on things like Salesforce

Negative headlines win clicks! Now, there’s a fine line here between clickbait and still tweeting valuable content. However, you can put a negative spin on things, even if, in the slightest way, you’ll soon see a difference in your engagement. Take a look at how Salesforce does it. 

10. When in doubt, dogs! 

Everybody loves furry friends! Whenever you’re in doubt, turn to our four-legged fur balls and see if you can relate them back to your brand. It’s one of the oldest tricks in the books, but is guaranteed to win an engagement rate you haven’t achieved in a while and can help you get back on top of the algorithm. 

It’s worked for the popular language and travel program, Education First!

There you have it. Ten extra ways to win engagement on Twitter and start championing the popular social media platform as one of your best organic growth channels. 

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Closing out on Twitter Polls and Twitter engagement strategies 

That’s a wrap on Twitter polls and other twitter engagement strategies. Hopefully, you found this quick guide helpful and can now walk into the realm of Twitter better-equipped to win the engagement your business deserves.

Did we miss an essential strategy from the list? Let us know, on Twitter! ;) 

Twitter Poll FAQs

  • What are Twitter Polls? 

Twitter polls are interactive content types hosted on Twitter. They allow you to ask questions to your community and pose up to four multiple-choice answers. 

  • How can I use Twitter polls to boost engagement? 

You can use Twitter polls to boost engagement by asking questions based on what your community is passionate about, sharing the results of previous polls, threading your polls, and creating polls that are easy to answer. 

  • Can Twitter polls see who voted?

 No, polls are private. Neither poll takers nor poll makers will be able to see who has voted on the poll. 

  • How do I track Twitter poll engagement? 

Some social media management platforms can track Twitter poll engagement; however, due to the nature of polls, this isn’t possible for all platforms. Twitter’s in-app analytics can showcase engagement metrics for your polls. 

  • What’s the Twitter Poll character limit? 

The poll question can be the length of a normal tweet: up to 280 characters. However, the answer options only allow space for up to 25 characters.

Ray Slater Berry has worked in social media, content marketing, and SEO for a decade. He specializes in the tech, innovation, design, and product sectors. He is also a published psychological thriller author with his first novel, Golden Boy. Ray is the creative director for his B2B SaaS content agency: DSLX.






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