10 Candidate Howlers To Banish From Your Resume


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How many of the following howlers are you guilty of committing?

If you're a professional candidate, you may think these points are a little beneath you. After all, no credible candidate is really going to commit any of these 10 blunders are they?

Well that's where you'd be wrong; speak to recruiters off the record and you'll learn that highly paid and successful executive candidates make mistakes like these all the time. Resumes arrive in a recruiter's inbox every day tarnished with these mistakes.

So do take a quick moment to review these howlers - and perhaps pass your resume to a friend or fomer colleague to review before firing off your next application. You may just find the odd mistake is glaringly obvious to someone else...


CV Resume Mistakes

Created by Careerjourney Job Search | Career Change | Interview Coaching


Footnote: Whilst not funny enough to appear in the Top 10, do take a look at some of the points at the bottom of the infographic. Factors like i) not using action verbs and ii) talking about duties rather than accomplishments are things you should definitely be looking out for when reviewing your CV / Resume.


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