4 Myths about Using a Staffing Agency

By Corbett Personnel Services

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With social media sites and online job boards monopolizing the job search process, applicants have become over-stimulated during their job hunt. While most job seekers often do not think to work with a staffing or placement firm, we tend to hear the same comments about their misconceptions. While staffing firms are many times seen as a barrier between an applicant and a job, that is actually not the case.

We are tired of the rumors and misunderstandings so we are tackling the four biggest myths about working with a staffing agency and setting the truth free.


Myth #1: Staffing Agencies cost applicants money

False! Applicants assume placement agencies and their services will cost them money; however, staffing agencies are a completely free service for job applicants. In reality, it is the companies looking for new employees that incur the cost of hiring a staffing agency.


Myth #2: Applicants are required to take a job

Applicants also tend to believe they are obligated to accept a job when working with a staffing company. Similar to an applicant’s independent job search,  one is never required to take a job. There are no obligations when working with a staffing agency. Staffing agencies typically have hundreds of positions available at a time and will do their best to help find a job searcher a perfect position. If staffing professionals are not able to do so, applicants are free to continue their job search with or without the staffing agency’s help.  Job seekers should remember that if the first position does not work, the agency might still have many similar positions that could be a fit.


Myth #3: Staffing agencies only fill temporary positions

While it is true many staffing agencies are able to fill short-term and temporary jobs, they also have just as many, if not more, full-time positions available. These positions often offer benefits including salary, health care coverage, paid vacation and sick leave. Not only do staffing agencies have full time positions, but these positions also range in experience level from entry-level to management-level and higher.

This brings us to our next myth…


Myth #4: Positions available through a staffing agency are low paying jobs

Jobs filled by a staffing agency are just as promising financially as jobs found in other places. The salary range for available positions within staffing agencies are comparable to the range of the position was found on a job board or company website.

Staffing agencies are a practical and reliable resource for job searchers throughout the country and we encourage any job seekers to consider staffing agencies to aid them in their search.

About the Author: Corbett Personnel Services is a high-end, boutique staffing company that effectively places candidates in HR, administrative  accounting positions throughout Houston.



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